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Izana thought he was the younger half-brother to Shinichiro who he looks up to and often wrote letters to and the older blood brother to Emma who he left when she was 3. Izana has a distaste and jealousy towards his "younger half brother" Manjiro for Shinichiro gave Mikey the gang instead of him. Shinichiro was the first family he felt since he was a small child and he'd often talk about Mikey which made Izana unpleased. After Shin died there was nobody holding him still on the right path.

Being alone made him susceptible to betrayal. He created Tenjiku and lead with a stern hand while being manipulated by his subordinate.

By his orders Tetta Kisaki murdered his "sister"; and later after the fight with Mikey and the fall of Tenjiku. Izana died by Kisaki's gun protecting Kakucho. Izana proceeded to explain that he is not a blood-brother to the Sano siblings, but a subject of an affair of another. He finally accepts that he isn't alone because of Kakucho and accepts the defeat in his dying moments.


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