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The junkyard is located in Shibuya. It serves as the main setting of Bloody Halloween.


The junkyard is a vast empty space where wastes are temporarily stored before being recycled or discarded. On Bloody Halloween, all junk, most especially run-down vehicles, were pushed to its perimeter to create a space for the upcoming showdown.


Valhalla Arc

Kazutora punches Hansen

On the day of Bloody Halloween, Tokyo Manji Gang Second Division member Takemichi Hanagaki arrives to the junkyard with First Division Vice-Captain Chifuyu Matsuno, noting the bountiful gang members who have come to spectate the upcoming fight between Toman and Valhalla.[1] Hansen, the leader of the Ikebukuro Criminal Black Members, is introduced as the fight's overseer then begins the battle with haste. He commands both gangs to make their entrance, but is plummeted to the ground by Kazutora Hanemiya who discards his rules and starts an all-out fight on his own.[2]

In the aftermath of the battle, Toman is declared as the victors in light of Keisuke Baji's death. As the cops arrive, Kazutora stays behind in the junkyard and is eventually arrested. He is sent to a juvenile detention center and condemned to a ten-year sentence.[3]

Three Deities Arc

During the Battle of Three Deities, Takemichi compares Manjiro Sano's monstrous strength in taking down South Terano to Mikey's uncontrollable attitude back when he killed Kazutora on Bloody Halloween in the original timeline.[4]


  • In both the English and Japanese versions of Volume 7 featuring Keisuke Baji, the junkyard appears to be the backdrop of the volume cover.


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