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I won't let you feel lonely. I'm going... over there, too... right now. Looks like... we sucked at living.
— Kakucho laments Izana's death[1]

Kakucho Hitto (筆頭 鶴蝶, Hittō Kakuchō?) was one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Tenjiku and Izana Kurokawa's right-hand man. He is currently an executive in Rokuhara Tandai.


Kakucho is a tall young man with natural black hair fashioned in a buzz cut. He has a prominent scar running from the back of his skull to the leftmost side of his face that slightly touches the corner of his left visually impaired eye. He has firm S-shaped eyebrows and always wears a single drop earring on his right earlobe. As a Rokuhara Tandai executive, he wears the traditional gang uniform.

In the Bonten timeline, Kakucho sports an aegean blue curtain hairstyle and his signature earring. He wears an all-black outfit that consists of a knee-length trench coat, sweatpants, and a pair of sandals. During his time in Tenjiku, he wore the standard gang uniform.


Due to his tragic upbringing that left him as an orphan, Kakucho is closed-off when it comes to trusting others. At the fight between the Tokyo Manji Gang and Tenjiku, Kakucho tells Takemichi Hanagaki that he will not hesitate to mercilessly kill him even if he was a childhood friend. This is due to his unyielding trust on Izana Kurokawa, his self-proclaimed “master” since childhood, because of their mutual harsh experiences as orphans who both met and grew up as brothers in solitude at an orphanage. His loyalty toward Izana is his drive to fight against Izana’s enemies or anyone who views them both as opponents, making Kakucho himself a compliant servant to his king.

Skills and Abilities


As a Heavenly King of Tenjiku and Izana's right-hand man, Kakucho's power is second only to the gang's leader. Thus, he is able to freely order its members.

Fighting Prowess

Kakucho's strength is acknowledged to be one of the strongest in Tenjiku. He proves his mettle through his victory against Souya Kawata during the battle between the Tokyo Manji Gang and Tenjiku. After this take-down, he immediately defeated Chifuyu Matsuno, Seishu Inui, and Hakkai Shiba down in one swoop. He is extremely fast, so much so that Angry, in peak condition, was not able to react in time to his attacks. His raw strength is nothing laugh at either, shown through his ability to send the large Keizo Arashi sprawling.


Manga Appearances
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Tenjiku Arc

Bonten Arc

Three Deities Arc



  • The name Kakucho means "crane, stork" (鶴) (kaku) and "butterfly" (蝶) (chou).


  • He is childhood friends with Takemichi Hanagaki.
  • His scar is from a tragic car accident that took both his parents' lives.


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