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The Kanto Manji Gang (関東卍會, Kantō Manji-Kai?) is a motorcycle gang formed during Tokyo's Sengoku Period. It is currently led by Manjiro Sano. With the conclusion of the Battle of Three Deities that resulted in South Terano's death, the Kanto Manji Gang expands its numbers as it takes over Rokuhara Tandai.[1]



The Kanto Manji Gang's uniform is similar to that of the 10th Generation Black Dragon's. It consists of white pants and black boots as well as a long white trench coat with the gang's manifesto running along the sleeves. Kanto Manji's complete name in kanji is embellished on the back.


Kanto Manji was formed by Manjiro Sano after disbanding the Tokyo Manji Gang during Tokyo's Sengoku Period.[2]


The goals of the organization, if any, are unknown. In fact, the top brass of fellow top gang Brahman, has a negative view of the Kanto Manji Gang believing that unlike Tokyo Manji Gang, it has no ambition whatsoever, much contrary to Tokyo Manji Gang's original goal of creating a new age of delinquents, thus possibly meaning the Kanto Manji Gang likely engages in indiscriminate violence. Kanto Manji Gang's modus operandi has by Brahman's beliefs, become so warped that it is undistinguishable from Tokyo Manji Gang and even believing Mikey to be a "bad guy".

Through unknown circumstances, this gang would emerge victorious against its rivals, Brahman and Rokuhara Tandai, merging them within it and eventually forming Bonten, the most dangerous criminal organization in all of Japan.

Former members of both Rokuhara Tandai and Brahman have joined the Kanto Manji Gang along with Shuji Hanma.[3]


Kanto Manji Gang
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Image Battle Result
The Three Deities face each other (manga).png Battle of Three Deities The Kanto Manji Gang was victorious. It took over Rokuhara Tandai and Senju Kawaragi announced Brahman's disbandment.


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