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Did you know, Mikey? If you kill people, that makes you a bad guy. But if you kill enemies, that makes you a hero.
— Kazutora to Mikey[1]

Kazutora Hanemiya (羽宮 (はねみや) 一虎 (かずとら) Hanemiya Kazutora?) is one of the founding members of Tokyo Manji Gang. He was also of the primary antagonist of The Valhalla Arc.


Kazutora is a handsome male of average height and lean frame, often looking tiny standing next to Baji. His hair is cut into a messy wolf cut, with yellow streaks throughout. He has a beauty mark under his sandy-colored eyes. His skin is covered in a tiger tattoo that extends from his neck to his shoulder and chest. He is often seen wearing oversized layered clothing of neutral colors, even into adulthood. As an adult his hair is now grown out, mainly black with framing pieces dyed yellow; he often puts it up in a ponytail. His eyes are large and unblinking, giving him a psychotic appearance. He is noted to resemble Baji as an adult.


Kazutora is a very broken soul; as a child, he was forced to pick between his mom and dad in a case of domestic violence.[5] As a result of his fundamentally non-existent family life, he scorned upon other happy families. Something as simple as seeing children having tender moments with their parents, triggered a sore spot within Kazutora and irritated him deeply.

It is likely that his deep attachment to Toman, was in fact rooted in solace from his solitude, and he was in fact very loyal to Toman and Mikey and strived to make him happy at all costs, even resorting to unhealthy and downright criminal methods such as theft. Such impulses would ultimately end up for the worst as his theft attempt would end up in tragedy, and with his already fragile mind collapsing in a matter of minutes. As a coping mechanism, he irrationally shifted the blame of Shinichiro's death onto Mikey. [6] Kazutora is mentally strained, and as a 15-year old, was on the edge of losing his sanity after spending years locked up. What little sanity he had left was kept in check by Baji, who played along with his delusion that everything wrong in his life was because of Mikey.

Kazutora is shown to be fairly unstable, sadistic and incredibly violent. While he came up as tranquil and polite when presenting himself to Takemichi's group, he no soon after introduced them to his "most trusted men" both of whom he broke their legs, forcing them to use crutches to walk, with a smile on his face at what he had done, as if it was normal. When the Bloody Halloween was about to begin he was so irritated at Draken's demand, that he took it on Hansen, the fight's referee all while proclaiming they (Valhalla) were going to beat Toman to death, showing visible glee at the bloodbath that would soon ensue.

Kazutora is so deranged and detached from reality, that he believed that while killing people makes one a bad person, killing enemies made one a hero, showcasing the extreme and warped logic developed by him as a means to justify killing Mikey for all that Kazutora misguidedly blamed him for.

After his second stay in prison, he got the help he needed and integrated back into life. He remains quiet, his emotional strain still apparent at times, but appears to be more well managed.

As an adult, Kazutora has recovered fully. He can speak normally with others as well as react to events emotionally. He also shows regret for his past actions, and is at heart incredibly loyal to both Toman and Mikey, so much that in an alternate timeline, he was distraught when Toman was corrupted by Black Dragon money, and fought fiercely to dismantle them.

In the current timeline, he is in more openly friendly terms with Takemichi and was the first to approach and support him on his quest to find Mikey. He was also concerned over Takemichi's wellbeing noting he would be marrying soon, showing Kazutora is not blindly loyal to Mikey, but is capable of caring for others adequately.


Fighting Prowess

Kazutora is a competent fighter, he was capable of easily knocking Hansen, the overseer of the Bloody Halloween and who was a notorious delinquent in a mere two punches (one to his face, and one to his gut), leaving him on the floor flinching from pain, and with everyone in utter awe at what he had done. In combat Kazutora is unrestrained and incredibly violent.


Kazutora is skilled at theft. When attempting to steal a bike, he carefully placed adhesive tape on a door's glass to mitigate the sound, allowing him to enter without drawing attention.


  • The name Kazutora means "one" (一) (kazu) and "tiger" (虎) (tora).
  • Kazutora's surname Hanemiya means "feather" (羽) (hane) and "temple, shrine, palace" (宮) (miya).


  • According to the official character book:
    • His image color is yellow,
    • He likes delinquent goods.
    • He dislikes Toman members.
    • His special skill is peeling off a person's fingernails.
    • The person he respects or admires is Sano Manjiro (Mikey).
    • His dream is to kill Sano Manjiro (Mikey).
    • His heroic story (or failure story): beating up the person who tells heroic story.
    • His favorite spot is the rooftop with no railings.
    • Kazutora's relationship chart: In the past:
      • Mikey: Parting with a grudge
      • Baji: Partner in crime
      • Shinichiro: Kill
    • From the question "Who do you want to be your lover?", Kazutora is ranked number 2 from Top 3 Worst Boyfriends.
    • From the question "Who do you want to marry?", Kazutora is ranked number 1 from Top 3 Worst Husbands.
    • From the question "Who's likely to be rich?", Kazutora is ranked number 3 from the Top 3 Worst.
    • From the question "Who do you want as surbordinate?", Kazutora is ranked number 2 from the Top 3 Worst.


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