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Your punch is kinda weak for someone your size.
— Benkei ridicules South's strength[1]

Keizo Arashi ( (あら) () 慶三 (けいぞう) , Arashi Keizō?), or Benkei (べンケイ?), is a founding member and the former Guard Unit Captain of Black Dragon. He is currently an executive in Brahman.


Benkei is a tall muscular man who distinctively towers over his peers, a factor that contributes to his typical intimidating aura. He sports a platinum blond crew cut that extends to a trimmed old Dutch beard and wears golden piercings on both ears. He has firm and wide eyes, a prominent nose, a tanned complexion, and a grimace that frequently morphs into gritted teeth when displeased. Benkei also appears to have enormous tattoos that adorn both his arms and chest. As a current executive in Brahman, he wears the traditional gang uniform with customized sleeves in a waterlily pattern over a thin light-colored tank top, black sweatpants, and a pair of sandals for footwear. During his teenage years, he had a shaved face and dark hair fashioned in cornrows. He was most often seen wearing the Ragnarok and Black Dragon uniforms.


As a result of the honorable titles he earned and gangs he commanded over the course of his youth, Benkei has earned himself a reputable name in the delinquent world of Tokyo. His former ranks as the President of Ragnarok[4] and the Guard Unit Captain of the first-generation Black Dragon,[5] as well as his current Executive rank in Brahman, solidify his leadership skills for he is known to be a dutiful person who prioritizes his gang responsibilities before anything else, as seen when he reminds Senju Kawaragi of Brahman's primary goal to recruit Takemichi Hanagaki into their gang rather than to start a brawl against Rokuhara Tandai in a sudden close-encounter meet-up with them.[6] Moreover, Benkei greatly values the original ideals of Black Dragon as a former close confidant of Shinichiro Sano, and will confront anyone who sullies them.

When in battle, Benkei is extremely hot-blooded. His loud admonishment of his comrades is also a source of comedic relief, especially when he reprehends Wakasa Imaushi of his grand entrance in the spontaneous gathering with Rokuhara Tandai.[7]

Skills and Abilities


In his teenage years, Benkei was the leader of one of the strongest gangs in his time, giving him immense authority over a large part of Kanto. Now, as a leader of Brahman, he has influence over one the three current strongest gangs.

Fighting Prowess

With his muscular frame, Benkei can deliver punishing blows to the opponent as well as weather their strikes, unfazed. As a one of Black Dragon's first captains and the leader of Ragnarok, he is implied to be a legend in terms of fighting ability and reputation. Together with Wakasa, they were able to effortlessly defeat about a hundred of Rokuhara Tandai's men. He was also able to take on South in a fight later on with Wakasa, although they are soon defeated by South.


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  • The surname Arashi means "rough" () and "master" ().
  • The name Keizo means "be delighted" () and "three" ().


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