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You can find guys good at fighting all over the place. But a guy who'll stand up to anyone because there's something he won't give up, not many guys like you at all.
— Draken to Takemichi[1]

Ken Ryuguji (龍宮寺 (りゅうぐうじ) (けん) Ryūguji Ken?), or Draken (ドラケン, Doraken?), is the vice-president and one of the founding members of the Tokyo Manji Gang.


Draken is a lanky teenager who is exceptionally tall for his age. His head is shaven on the sides and back to expose his signature dragon tattoo on his left temple. His blonde hair is long on the top of his head and kept in a neat braid. He leaves a few strands of hair lose in the front.

He is confirmed to be quite lean and has chiseled abdominal muscles. Takemichi remarked that his body does not seem like that of a teenager. Draken has a scar on the left side of his abdomen after being stabbed. He wears the standard Toman Toppoku while with the gang, and his favorite casual outfit seems to be a patterned long jacket.


Like the president, vice-president Draken is also quite the wild individual. He loves a good fight and relishes meeting strong opponents. He is rude to those he considers beneath him and makes it clear he does not like them.

Unlike Mikey, Draken is the more mature and logical of the two. When the two are being scolded in the hospital by the father of a girl who was assaulted by Moebius, Draken is the one who forces Mikey down to apologize, understanding the man's rage and that it was better to receive his anger without a word than to try and defend themselves. When Pah-chin decides to take the fall and responsibility for Toman by deliberately getting arrested, Mikey tries to get Pah-chin to run. However, Draken stops him, saying that it is the right thing for Pah-chin to do. There are times when Draken's anger gets the best of him, though, and he lashes out in rage.

Draken is also a very caring individual. He hates overtly showing affection to the ones he cares about but will go to great lengths to take care of Mikey. He puts up with Mikey's antics and values him as a close friend, carries Mikey around when he falls asleep, takes him to eat his favorite foods, and wakes him up every morning for school. In addition, he gave Emma a plushie for her birthday, and Emma notes that it was one that she had been wanting for a while.



As Toman's vice president, Draken's authority over the gang comes second only to Mikey in theory. In reality, his authority is more or less equal to that of Mikey's. Thus, he is able to freely command its members as well as increase their morale.

Fighting Prowess

As Toman's vice-president, Draken's fighting prowess is incredibly fearsome. When he is hit in the head by a metal pole, he is still able to stand and defeat 20 opponents. His recovery is remarkably quick as he quickly heads right back into battle when reinforcements shortly arrive. He even survives a life-threatening knife wound.

With his immense strength, Draken prefers to fight like a brawler, using simple yet powerful and vicious kicks and punches. He has knocked back a formidable opponent taller than he is several feet back with a haymaker after defeating tens of enemies beforehand.

His power is so immense that he was able to hold his own against and defeat a whole gang by himself and was still in fairly good shape after that. It would not be a stretch to say that his strength is comparable to Mikey's.

Mechanical Knowledge

Draken is well-versed in machines, especially motorbikes. He is skilled enough to fix and assemble parts of a bike with ease.


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  • (to Takemichi Hanagaki) "You can find guys good at fighting all over the place. But a guy who'll stand up to anyone because there's something he won't give up, not many guys like you at all." [1]


  • The name Ken means "hard, firm" (堅).
  • Ken's surname Ryuguji means "dragon" (龍) (ryu), "temple, shrine, palace" (宮) (gu) and "temple" (寺) (ji).


  • His favorite hobby is muscle training. [3]
  • His favorite food is hot curry.[3]
  • His motorcycle is a Kawasaki Zephyr 400. [3]
  • His dream is to have a half motorcycle body.


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