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Leanman (リーンマン Rīnman?) is the leader of the Ueno gang Night Dust.


Leanman is a short rotund man who is most often seen wearing excessive accessories, such as a pair of sunglasses, a single piercing on his left earlobe, and a golden chain wrapped around his neck. He wears a grey crew neck sweatshirt, black sweatpants, and a pair of brown sneakers for footwear.



Valhalla Arc

On the day of Bloody Halloween, Leanman is seen sitting atop a broken down vehicle in the junkyard while munching on a snack. According to Chifuyu Matsuno, he controls the Ueno district with his gang Night Dust. He is also described by Chifuyu as a juggernaut.[1]

Tenjiku Arc

On the night of the fight between the Tokyo Manji Gang and Tenjiku at Yokohama Bay, Leanman is beaten up and wounded by Izana Kurokawa who pities Tokyo's supposedly top delinquent groups, one of which is Night Dust.[2]


  • Leanman means "sacrifice," "innovative," and "powerful."[3]


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