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This is a list containing all the battles that occurred in the Tokyo卍Revengers manga series. For events, see List of Events.

Toman Arc

Image Battle Result
Mizo Middle Five is beaten by Kiyomasa's gang (manga).png Mizo Middle Five vs. Kiyomasa's Gang Mizo Middle Five is defeated by Kiyomasa's gang, making them slaves of the Tokyo Manji Gang.
Takemichi vs kiyomizu anime.png Takemichi Hanagaki vs. Masataka Kiyomizu Takemichi Hanagaki impresses the crowd and draws the attention of Manjiro Sano and Ken Ryuguji. Both Tokyo Manji Gang leaders assault Masataka Kiyomizu and shut down his fighting ring.

Moebius Arc

Image Battle Result
Pah-chin vs. Osanai.png Haruki Hayashida vs. Nobutaka Osanai Nobutaka Osanai is victorious.
Mikey vs osanai anime.png Manjiro Sano vs. Nobutaka Osanai Manjiro Sano is victorious.
Battle of 8/3
Ken fighting Moebius.png Ken Ryuguji vs. Moebius Interrupted by Takashi Mitsuya.
Manjiro vs hanma anime.png Manjiro Sano vs. Shuji Hanma Manjiro Sano is victorious.
Takemichi gets his revenge over Masataka.png Takemichi Hanagaki vs. Masataka Kiyomizu: Rematch Takemichi Hanagaki is victorious. Ken Ryuguji is saved.

Valhalla Arc

Image Battle Result
Bloody Halloween
Kazutora restrains and hits Mikey (manga).png Manjiro Sano vs. Kazutora Hanemiya, Chome and Chonbo Manjiro Sano is victorious.
Draken reaches Hanma (manga).png Ken Ryuguji vs. Shuji Hanma Interrupted by Manjiro Sano. Shuji Hanma is knocked by Mikey.
Baji prepares to fight Toman (manga).png Keisuke Baji vs. Third Division Keisuke Baji is victorious.
Mikey threatens Kazutora's life (manga).png Manjiro Sano vs. Kazutora Hanemiya Manjiro Sano is victorious. Keisuke Baji stabs himself to save Kazutora Hanemiya from getting killed. The Bloody Halloween ends.

Black Dragon Arc

Image Battle Result
Taiju vs takemichi.png Takemichi Hanagaki vs. Taiju Shiba Interrupted by Hakkai Shiba. Hakkai becomes a Black Dragon member to save Takemichi Hanagaki and Hinata Tachibana.
Christmas Conflict
Taiju vs takemichi hakkai and yuzuha.png Takemichi Hanagaki, Hakkai Shiba and Yuzuha Shiba vs. Taiju Shiba Takashi Mitsuya takes over the battle.
Mitsuya vs taiju.png Takashi Mitsuya vs. Taiju Shiba Interrupted by Seishu Inui. Takashi Mitsuya is knocked out.
Toman confronts Taiju.png First and Second Division vs. Black Dragon Leaders Interrupted by Manjiro Sano. Hakkai Shiba abandons his goal of killing his older brother Taiju.
Mikey stands over Taiju (manga).png Manjiro Sano vs. Taiju Shiba Manjiro Sano is victorious.
Draken defeats the Black Dragons (manga).png Ken Ryuguji vs. Black Dragon Ken Ryuguji is victorious. The Christmas Conflict ends.

Tenjiku Arc

Image Battle Result
Takemichi and his friends defeated by Tenjiku (manga).png First Division vs. Tenjiku Interrupted by Nahoya and Souya Kawata.
Mitsuya vs. Kanji (manga).png Takashi Mitsuya vs. Kanji Mochizuki Interrupted by Ran Haitani. Takashi Mitsuya is knocked out.
Shion beats up Toman (manga).png Second Division vs. Tenjiku Tenjiku is victorious.
Smiley dives at Kakucho (manga).png Nahoya Kawata vs. Kakucho Nahoya Kawata is victorious.
Takemichi advances toward Mucho.png Takemichi Hanagaki and Seishu Inui vs. Yasuhiro Muto Yasuhiro Muto is victorious.
Kanto Incident
Chifuyu asks Mocchi to fight (manga).png Chifuyu Matsuno vs. Kanji Mochizuki Interrupted by Souya Kawata.
Ran asks Hakkai about Takemichi (manga).png Hakkai Shiba vs. Ran Haitani Interrupted by Souya Kawata.
Rindo talks to Angry about having an older brother (manga).png Souya Kawata vs. Rindo Haitani Souya Kawata is victorious.
Kakucho tells Takemichi that he is fighting him (manga).png Takemichi Hanagaki vs. Kakucho Interrupted by Souya Kawata.
Mucho prepares to face Inupi (manga).png Seishu Inui vs. Hajime Kokonoi and Yasuhiro Muto Yasuhiro Muto is distracted by Souya Kawata.
Angry asks the Tenjiku members to fight (manga).png Souya Kawata vs. Tenjiku Leaders Souya Kawata is victorious.
Toman's fighters defeated (manga).png Tokyo Manji Gang vs. Kakucho Interrupted by Chifuyu Matsuno.
Mikey and Izana face each other (manga).png Manjiro Sano vs. Izana Kurokawa Manjiro Sano is victorius.
Draken and Hanma face off (manga).png Ken Ryuguji vs. Shuji Hanma: Rematch Ken Ryuguji is victorious.
Takemichi stands over Kisaki (manga).png Takemichi Hanagaki vs. Tetta Kisaki Tetta Kisaki is ran over by a truck.

Three Deities Arc

Image Battle Result
Battle of Three Deities
South faces Brahman's top (manga).png Wakasa Imaushi and Keizo Arashi vs. South Terano South Terano is victorious.
Ran hits Sanzu (manga).png Haruchiyo Sanzu vs. Ran Haitani N/A
Senju faces South (manga).png Senju Kawaragi vs. South Terano South Terano is victorious.
Kakucho addresses Mikey (manga).png Manjiro Sano vs. Kakucho Manjiro Sano is victorious.
South and Mikey begin their fight (manga).png Manjiro Sano vs. South Terano Manjiro Sano is victorious.
Mikey punches Takemichi (manga).png Manjiro Sano vs. Takemichi Hanagaki Manjiro Sano is victorious.

Kanto Manji Arc

Image Battle Result
Tokyo Manji Gang vs. Kanto Manji Gang
Takemichi moves in to fight Kakucho again (manga).png Takemichi Hanagaki vs. Kakucho: Rematch Interrupted by Haruchiyo Sanzu.