Nobody thinks delinquents are cool these days, right? In my big bro's time, there were tons of biker gangs around here. They'd rip through the city on their super-loud motorcycles. They were all bold as hell, fighting all the time, but they took care of their own problems. What's so lame about that? That's why I'm gonna make a new age of delinquents.
— Mikey, [1]

Manjiro Sano (佐野 (さの) 万次郎 (まんじろう) Sano Manjirō?), or Mikey (マイキー, Maikī?), is a founding member and the leader of Tokyo Manji Gang.


Mikey is a young man of average height with brown eyes and long blonde hair that is only tied at the top with the hair at the sides flowing freely.

In the present, Mikey appears with short black hair and a dragon tattoo on his neck similar to the ones Draken and Takashi Mitsuya have. He rides a CB205T owned previously by his brother, Shinichiro Sano.


Mikey is usually a carefree teenager who loves to joke and play pranks around those he considers his close friends. He cares for them greatly and is determined to protect their honor. He rarely shows any sign of weakness, as he believes himself to be the foundation and support for Toman, and if the pillar himself were to display weakness, Toman would also be weakened.

As Toman's leader, his aura changes dramatically, becoming imposing and commanding. While its members respect Mikey, they also hold a degree of fear towards him and his immense prowess. He is also concerned for Toman on an individual level, as shown when he decides to rally the entire gang to seek revenge for one of its member's friend.

Over time, the events that transpire within the story force Mikey to quickly mature. He is still an incredibly charismatic leader, but there is now an underlying melancholy beneath the surface.

Within Mikey, there exists a great darkness. He is forced to carry the burdens of a troubling past. He teeters between treading the right path and succumbing to that darkness. He usually hides this with his carefree grin. Without the right people to guide him, he becomes corrupted, turning into one of the most heinous criminals in the present. It is a large mission of Takemichi to make sure Mikey never veers off the right path ever again.

Skills and Abilities


As the leader of Toman, Mikey has absolute control over its members. His presence is able to strengthen the entire gang as a whole, amplifying everyone's strength, making Toman an incredibly formidable and dangerous opponent for enemies.

Fighting Prowess

Mikey is regarded as the strongest member in Toman. His epithet, the Invincible Mikey, is indicative of his strength and how he is revered among other delinquent groups. He is strong enough to incapacitate other elite gang members with a single kick and his enemies often comment on how they cannot believe that he is a mere teenager.

Martial Arts

Unlike most delinquents, Mikey has actual martial arts experience that was honed into him ever since he was a child and was recognized as a prodigy.

His signature move is a high roundhouse kick that is executed at a blinding speed, which catches all, but the strongest opponents off guard. This unique roundhouse kick is usually thrown with his right foot. It catches the opponent's head and slams it into the ground. Almost all who get caught by this kick get knocked out instantly.


Mikey is also shown to have remarkable endurance and resilience. He has been hit by blows that would have knocked out most individuals, yet he can still shake them off and keep fighting.


Manga Appearances
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Toman Arc


  • The name Manjiro means "ten thousand" (万) (man), "next" (次) (ji) and "son" (郎) (ro).
    • The nickname Mikey means "who is like God"/"Who Is Like The Lord?" in English.
      • Mikey is a short form of the name Michael.
  • Manjiro's surname Sano means "help, aid" (佐) (sa) and "field, wilderness" (野) (no).


  • Mikey's favorite food is Dorayaki.
  • In the original present timeline, Mikey's hair is still blonde as an adult, whereas after the timeline is altered, his hair becomes dyed black.


  1. Tokyo Revengers Manga: Chapter 5.

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