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Manjiro Sano vs. South Terano is a battle between Kanto Manji Gang President Manjiro Sano and Rokuhara Tandai Representative South Terano.


Mikey prepares to face South

After South punches Senju,[1] he prepares to finish her. He tells Takemichi to move, placing a broad hand on Takemichi's shoulder. The moment South touches Takemichi, a vision of himself bending over South's deceased body enters Takemichi's mind. He is baffled at the possibility of South, a brutal monster, defeated and dead.

Before South could approach, Kakucho is thrown beside him, seeing his condition, South notices the arrival of Mikey who was ready to confront him. Senju angrily tells Mikey that South is his opponent and for him to get out of his way. Mikey glances at her with murderous intent, stopping Senju's protests. South begins the fight, rushing towards Mikey with a punch


South and Mikey attacks

South strikes him with a punch and Mikey kicks him in the jaw. A huge wave of blows is unleashed by both of them, increasing the pain of both simultaneously, with South loudly proclaiming his delight at finding a nearly equal opponent. However, they are interrupted when Takemichi places himself between the two, angering South. Takemichi tearfully pleads for Mikey to stop, believing that South will die as a result.

Takemichi interrupts Mikey

South is shown completely bruised from the fight, Mikey tells South that they share a penchant for destruction, South realizes he cannot move his body, immobilized in his standing position. Mikey tells South he will destroy him. As he watches, Takemichi recognizes that this mirrors Mikey's intent towards Kazutora on Bloody Halloween.[2] He tears up as he realizes that Mikey has become a cold-blooded murderer. Approaching Takemichi, Mikey says he is in the way. In a swift motion, he breaks Takemichi's elbow over his knee. As Takemichi writhes on the ground in pain, Mikey walks towards South, asking how he wants to die. Still on the ground, Takemichi continues his pleas to Mikey.

Mikey ignores Takemichi's request, causing South to fall to the ground with his last blows. After falling, Mikey begins a sequence of blows to South's face, finishing him off.


  • Manjiro Sano is victorious.
  • The conflit results in the South Terano's death.


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