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Bring it on hotshot.
— Moebius's motto

Moebius (愛美愛主 (メビウス) , Mebiusu?) was a motorbike gang based in Shinjuku. It was two generations above the Tokyo Manji Gang and was recognized for its odious reputation in the city.[1]

After losing its eighth leader Nobutaka Osanai in a battle against Toman, Moebius was commanded by Shuji Hanma as its temporary leader.[2] With Hanma at its helm, Moebius engaged in another battle with the gang, and later on became its affiliate with the 1990 group commanded by its other official leader, Tetta Kisaki.



Moebius' uniform was a white tokkō-fuku (特攻服, special attack clothing?) with the words "SHIN∞JUKU MOEBIUS" printed at the back. Its sleeves presented the wearer's generation number and position. Its leader wore a similar uniform in the color red with the words "Bring it on hotshot" weaved at the front of his uniform. His sleeves bore the words "Eighth Generation President" (八代目総長,?).


The logo is a snake that eats its own tail that goes to create the symbol of infinity, above the emblem there Kanji for Shinjuku (新宿, Shinjuku-ku), while underneath there is the gang's name.


Moebius was formed in 2001 approximately two years before the Tokyo Manji Gang.[3]


Moebius' structure was in the form of generations. It is unclear how these generations came to be and how long each one lasted, but the most defined generation was the eighth, led by Nobutaka Osanai until Moebius' defeat against Toman in the Battle of 8/3.

Moebius' latest generations had two groups comprising those born in 1988 and 1990. Osanai's 1988 group disbanded after their defeat in the Battle of 8/3, whereas the remaining members of the 1988 and 1989 groups temporarily led by Shuji Hanma formed under the biker gang Valhalla. After Toman won against Valhalla in Bloody Halloween, Tetta Kisaki was recognized to be Moebius' second official leader who commanded the 1990 group. The remnants of Moebius were then assimilated in Toman.



Eighth leader
Ninth leader
Temporary leader
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Image Battle Result
Battle of 8-3 (Manga).png Battle of 8/3 Moebius was defeated.


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