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Naoto Tachibana ( (たちばな) 直人 (ナオト) , Tachibana Naoto?) is the younger brother of Hinata Tachibana. At present, he is a detective who works for the organized crime department of Tokyo.


As an adult, Naoto is a man with black hair parted to the right. He usually has a serious expression on his face, befitting his occupation as a detective. During work, he wears a suit.

As a child, Naoto has a more innocent look on his face. His hair is more or less the same as that of his adult years, albeit somewhat shorter. He is also quite skinny and his height is below average. Naoto wears school clothes, which consist of a collared button-down shirt, a belt, black slacks, and loafers.


As an adult, Naoto is a righteous individual who is also determined to alter save his sister. He has a no-nonsense personality and is usually unamused by others' humorous advances. He is also willing to embrace far-fetched possibilities, such as the fact that Takemichi can time-travel, and even make his own hypotheses about it.

Skills and Abilities

As a detective, Naoto has excellent deduction skills. He is able to quickly piece together scraps of information to create a big picture. His position grants him access to an extraordinary amount of information that the average person cannot get. This has been extremely helpful in aiding Takemichi to change the past to create a better present.


Manga Appearances
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Toman Arc

Anime Appearances
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Toman Arc

Moebius Arc

Valhalla Arc


  • The name Naoto means "straight" (直) (nao) and "person" (人) (to).
  • Naoto's surname Tachibana means "orange, tangerine" (橘).


  • His haircut is quite similar to Shinichiro Sano
  • According to the official character book:
    • His image color is grey.
    • He likes "Mu" magazine.
    • He dislikes karaoke.
    • His special skill is calligraphy.
    • The person he looks up to or admires is Aleister Crowley.
    • The person he dislikes or fears is his sister when she's angry.
    • His dream is to be a police officer.
    • His favorite place is the library.
    • Naoto's relationship chart: In the present:
      • Hinata: Older sister
      • Takemichi: Cooperate
      • Kisaki Tetta and Sano Manjiro: To pursue (Kill Hinata)
    • His heroic story (or failure story): He sent his own postcard to MU Magazine.
    • A typical day at school: Arriving at school with my sister, she complains about me eating her pudding without permission -> Got a perfect score on math test -> Eat school lunch while reading a book during lunch break -> On the way home, I stopped at a bookstore, got beaten up by my sister in Smash Bros, and fell asleep in frustration.


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