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Rindo Haitani (灰谷 (はいたに) 竜胆 (リンドウ) , Haitani Rindō?) is the Special Attack Force Vice-Captain of the Kanto Manji Gang. He was a member of the S-62 Generation, Tenjiku, and later, Rokuhara Tandai, where he was ranked as the gang’s Number 3. In the latest present timeline, Rindo is a Bonten executive.


Rindo is of average height and lean build with neckline-length blond hair in a curtain style that he often wears down but would occasionally put up in a bun.[2] He has purple downturned eyes, blond eyebrows, and a matching tattoo with his older brother on the right side of his back and chest, beginning from his nape and collarbones and ending at his foot.[3] Rindo frequently wears a pair of circular glasses, a silver earring on his left ear, and a black Kanto Manji Gang uniform.

Rindo would also wear a black version of the Tenjiku gang uniform with a skull motif on the collar alongside a light-colored belt and a pair of gloves. In Rokuhara Tandai, Rindo also wore the uniform in the color black with contrasting white seams and a belt. At the age of 13, Rindo kept his shorter blond hair in a bun. Around the year 2003, his hair was alternately dyed in the colors of black and blond by layer. At 18 years old, Rindo had light blue streaks in his short wavy blond hair.

In the present, Rindo has the Bonten insignia tattooed on the front of his neck. His hair is styled in a pinkish-purple mullet with his roots and ends dyed dark blue.


Rindo is sadistic; he finds joy in fights and has no trouble with inflicting injury of any degree, which was the main reason why he landed himself in a juvenile detention center at a young age.[4] Although he once implied his contempt for being perceived as the weaker brother by others,[5] Rindo still takes great pride in what he and his brother are capable of since they are widely recognized for their authority and fighting capabilities as a duo.[6] However, his arrogance in parading this confidence was later shown to be the cause of his reckless decision-making, which lost him at least a fight against a much stronger opponent who he initially mocked and underestimated.[7][8]

Rindo is also blunt and prefers to keep more of a stoic facade in comparison to his brother. He would make snarky remarks and ridicule his enemies during fights.[9][7][10][11]

Skills and Abilities


Rindo has an authoritative reputation among Tokyo’s delinquents and has led countless gangs in the past. He ruled the district of Roppongi after winning against once Tokyo’s biggest biker gang Max Maniacs[4] and was recruited in the top administration of Tenjiku,[12] Rokuhara Tandai,[13] and the Kanto Manji Gang,[14] which later lands him at an executive position in the criminal organization Bonten.[15]

Fighting Prowess

Being one of Tenjiku’s strongest members, Rindo has shown to be quite an expert at wrestling since he was capable of taking down or injuring some of the more notable members of the Tokyo Manji Gang, namely Hakkai Shiba and Souya Kawata.[16] His signature fighting tactic is locking the joints of his opponents and breaking their limbs,[4] and on occasion, using his fists.[10]


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  • The name Rindo means "gentian, bellflower" (竜胆).
  • Rindo's surname Haitani means "ash" (灰) (hai) and "valley" (谷) (tani).


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