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Rindo Haitani (灰谷 (はいたに) 竜胆 (リンドウ) Haitani Rindō?) is the younger brother of Ran Haitani and a member of the S62 Generation. He was a member of Tenjiku before its disbandment, becoming Rokuhara Tandai’s 3rd Seat afterwards. In a present timeline, he becomes a Bonten executive.


Rindo has blond hair with light blue streaks and wears glasses. He has a muscular body.

While in Tenjiku, he wears a black version of the gang uniform, which features a skull motif on the collar, along with a light-colored belt and gloves. In Rokuhara Tandai, he also wears a black version of the gang uniform with contrasting white seams and a white belt.

As a Bonten executive, Rindo's hair is styled in a pinkish-purple mullet with dark blue streaks, and he does not wear any glasses. The Bonten tattoo is on the front of his neck.

He has a huge tattoo on the left side of his body that goes to his arm, midsection, and leg. [1]


Rindo possesses a very sadistic nature, as he often basks in joy when hearing the painful screams of his opponent while getting their limbs broken. He is ruthless and shows no mercy to his opponent during fights as he locks down their joints and proceeds to continuously break them. Rindo also takes great pride in what he and his brother are capable of. He displays a distinct dislike to those who like to keep the fun to themselves during fights. Of the two brothers, Rindo prefers to keep more of a stoic facade in comparison to his brother’s rather playful behaviour. Although he also tends to make snarky remarks and display mischievous behaviour himself. Since he is the younger one, he is dissatisfied by how others perceive him as the weaker brother. Rindo is also very blunt and arrogant. He is extremely confident in his strength, which can cause him to make reckless decisions. This has lost him at least a fight.


When the Haitani brothers were still at the age of 13, the leader and vice leader of Roppongi Kyougoku, the largest team in Tokyo at the time decided to pick a one-on-one fight with the Haitani brothers. The event was titled "Roppongi Battle of The Ashes". Ran, the older brother, took out the leader with ease and immediately went after Rindo's opponent, the vice leader. As Rindo locked down the joints of the vice-leader, Ran rained blows on the opponent's face. The vice leader suffered heavy injuries and was taken to the hospital, where he died shortly after. After that, the Haitani brothers, even without a team, ruled the entire district of Roppongi.[2] They eventually entered juvenile detention for their crimes, where they met the rest of the S62 generation.



One of the stronger members of Tenjiku, Rindo has shown to be quite an expert at wrestling being able to take down some of the more notable members of Toman like Hakkai Shiba and Angry. His signature fighting tactic is breaking the joints of his opponents.


  • The name Rindo means "gentian, bellflower" (竜胆).
  • Rindo's surname Haitani means "ash" (灰) (hai) and "valley" (谷) (tani).



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