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Sano Dojo (佐野道場,, Sano Dōjō?) is the Sano family's business and home located in Shibuya.


The main hall follows the typical floor plan of a dojo. The structure extends to a living space where the Sano family currently lives with a storehouse stationed outside it. The room was once Shinichiro Sano's respository until Manjiro Sano reconditioned it into his bedroom after Shinichiro's death.


Emma is abandoned by her mother

Emma Sano was abandoned by her mother at the Sano family's dojo at a young age. From that day onward, she lived as Manjiro and Shinichiro Sano's younger sister under the care of their paternal grandfather. The Sano siblings would lounge about in the dojo to watch the judo sessions transpire.[1] It was also where they met Keisuke Baji for the first time, who proposed English names for himself ("Ed") and Manjiro ("Mikey") to comfort Emma from having a foreign name.[2]


Tenjiku Arc

While cooking breakfast, Emma asks her grandfather to wake Mikey up. He comes in the dining hall moments later, drowsy and ungroomed. Emma tells him to throw the towel he has been sleeping with since childhood as he complains about the food.[3] Suddenly, Takemichi Hanagaki and Ken Ryuguji arrive. Draken leads Takemichi to Mikey's bedroom, in a storehouse outside the dojo, and meets Mikey soon afterward.[4]

Emma reveals that Izana is her brother

Takemichi tells the two about Izana Kurokawa and Mikey admits that he has met him before. Draken theorizes that he might be connected to Shinichiro after knowing that Izana was the eighth generational leader of Black Dragon and Tenjiku's current Boss.[5] Afterward, he tells Takemichi that Shinichiro was Black Dragon's founder, and that he, Mikey, and Baji were the only ones who knew about it. Mikey then recalls one instance when Shinichiro lamented about the Eighth Generation's hostile reform to the Black Dragon, days before the Tokyo Manji Gang faced the Ninth Generation. They conclude that Izana most likely caused the gang to go astray.[6]

Emma excuses herself in the room and serves them tea. Having heard Takemichi rhetorically question about Izana, Emma tells them that he is her older brother. Mikey is disgruntled.[7] Emma scolds him for frequently forgetting about it, claiming that she has told him about her former surname "Kurokawa" before living with him and Shinichiro at the dojo. Takemichi asks her for any intel regarding Izana, and she hands them a box of letters addressed to Shinichiro from him.[8] After looking through the letters, Mikey excuses himself out while Draken reads the entry Mikey just read aloud. In the letter, Izana asks Shinichiro to stop talking about Mikey. Draken and Takemichi then conclude that the Ninth Generation's battle with Toman two years ago may have been Izana's way to take Mikey out without Shinichiro knowing.[9] With Shinichiro now gone, Izana created Tenjiku to set his counterattack plan in motion.[10]



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