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The Second Time Leap occurred on July 4, 2005 from the past to the present.[1]


After Takemichi Hanagaki visits his ex-girlfriend Hinata Tachibana at her apartment, he walks to a nearby playground and sulks silently on a swing.[2] He notices a nearby group of bullies tormenting a younger kid[3] who he eventually finds out to be Naoto Tachibana and scares them off. Afterward, Takemichi tells him to learn how to fend for himself and to keep an eye out for his older sister on July 1st, 2017, the date of their demise in twelve years.[4] Having made a deal, Takemichi and Naoto seal their promise with a handshake.[5]


Takemichi Hanagaki wakes up in the train station's medical office and is informed by a train dispatcher of his accident on falling on the railroad. He checks a nearby calendar and confirms that he is in the year 2017, questioning himself if what he witnessed prior to waking up was a dream, but is asked to be privately spoken with by Naoto Tachibana, Hinata Tachibana's younger brother who supposedly died with her before the first time leap.

Naoto asks Takemichi for help to save his sister

Naoto reveals that Takemichi changed his destiny on the same date twelve years ago with a warning about the Tachibana siblings' futures, to which he concludes that Takemichi performed a time leap and has the ability to change the future. Due to Takemichi's warning, Naoto survived the Tokyo Manji Gang's attack on July 1, 2017, but unfortunately still failed to save the life of his older sister. Consequently, he asks Takemichi to work with him to change their fates once more.

Two days later in Naoto's apartment, Takemichi acquires as much information as he can about Toman and Tachibana's incident. He and Naoto form a plan to prevent Manjiro Sano and Tetta Kisaki, Toman's two current bosses, from meeting each other in the past so as to stop them from forming the organization in the future. Takemichi points out that he does not know how to travel back in time, but Naoto tells him that he has become the trigger of his ability when they shook hands back in 2005. They share a handshake and Takemichi time leaps for the third time.

Other Information

Detail Description
Actions Taken Naoto Tachibana informs Takemichi Hanagaki of his time leaping abilities.
Outcomes Takemichi Hanagaki teams up with Naoto Tachibana.
Location Triggers Time Image
Neighborhood park July 4, 2005
(from the past to the present)
Takemichi doubts that Naoto believes his warning (manga).png
Naoto Tachibana's present apartment July 6, 2017
(from the present to the past)


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