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Senju Akashi ( (あか) () 千咒 (せんじゅ) Akashi Senju?), or Senju Kawaragi ( (かわら) () 千咒 (せんじゅ) Kawaragi Senju?), is the leader of the delinquent gang Brahman that was formed during Tokyo's Sengoku Period.


Senju is a young woman of below-average height with short light pink hair, green eyes, and prominent eyelashes, sharing similar facial characteristics with her older brother, Haruchiyo Sanzu. She is often seen wearing the traditional Brahman uniform but her sleeves have been personally customized to a cherry blossom pattern instead of the gang logo.[1] She wears skinny jeans for lower garments and a pair of black sneakers for footwear.

When she is not tending to her gang duties, Senju wears a pristine white sailor top with a red necktie and a matching light blue skirt that ends right above her knee.[2][3] She ties her hair in a well-kept bun but allows her bangs to freely cascade down the sides of her face. To complete her school outfit, she wears a pair of school shoes and white mid-calf socks for footwear.


As the current reigning leader of Brahman, Senju is responsible for the status and welfare of her gang. She is a principled leader who has a good moral compass, evidenced by her refusal to involve Brahman in fraudulent businesses despite primarily agreeing to a prostitution company’s collaboration offer out of force.[4] However, she is tremendously challenged when her older brother Takeomi Akashi warns her to separate personal emotions from making work-related decisions, and that being able to do so successfully is the major difference between a child (Senju) and an adult (Manjiro Sano).[5] As a result of his retort, Senju does not reply and instead chooses to ponder silently to herself, but at one point after clashing with Rokuhara Tandai’s goons that resulted in Ken Ryuguji’s death, Senju was not afraid to talk back to her elderly gang members about ending the fight against Rokuhara and the Kanto Manji Gang.[6]

When she is unbound from her gang duties, Senju shows a freer side of herself. According to Takemichi Hanagaki, “…no matter how you look at it, she is really just an ordinary cute trendy girl.”[7] Senju is playful and child-like as seen during her platonic dates with Takemichi where she liked to involve him in her shopping endeavors and drag him around the amusement park on Tanabata.[8][9] Moreover, she is a loyal person who thinks lightly of herself when a friend is in danger. As such, she did not think twice about saving Takemichi from Rokuhara’s goons who threatened to shoot him after making a wish to protect him on a Tanzaku.[10] While she was saved by Takemichi in the current timeline, he failed to protect her in an alternate timeline where she blocked the bullet for him and died.

Skills and Abilities


As the president of one of the strongest gangs that emerged during Tokyo's Sengoku Period in light of the Tokyo Manji Gang's disbandment, Senju has command of an incredibly fearsome fighting force. She also has the allegiance of Black Dragon's founders, one of which is her older brother, who are extremely powerful in their own right. Despite the generational differences between Senju and her subordinates, for Brahman is known to house influential and robust fighters from older generations, she remains at the top of the ranks.

Fighting Prowess

Apart from carrying the responsibility as Brahman’s president, Senju is also one of the gang’s notable fighters. She is a sly and cunning individual who chooses to have her right-hand man Takeomi lead her gang as a decoy for her to orchestrate sneak attacks when necessary, and is generally assertive in battle but has the ability to remain collected.[11] During the spontaneous meet-up between Brahman and Rokuhara Tandai wherein both gangs ought to recruit Takemichi, she showcases her fighting prowess by landing a surprise attack on South Terano. Senju fights in a nimble and acrobatic style, befitting her small stature. She can execute high level moves, i.e. doing a flipping ax kick as depicted in her attack against South. Additionally, her strength and fighting skills are fortified by her position as Brahman’s leader, for she was supposedly granted the title through her outstanding performance in “B1,” Brahman’s underground ring.[12]


  • The surname Akashi means "bright" (明) (aka) and "preside over" (司) (shi).
  • The name Senju means "thousand" (千) (sen) and curse (咒) (ju).
  • Senju's professional surname Kawaragi means "tile" (瓦) (kawara) and "castle" (城) (gi).


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