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The Seventh Time Leap occurred on July 21, 2017 from the present to the past.[2]



Other Information

Detail Description Image
Objectives 1. To prevent infighting in the Tokyo Manji Gang by halting the formations of the Mikey Faction and Draken Faction
2. To prevent Toman from fighting Moebius
Actions Taken Takemichi Hanagaki interferes in Battle of 8/3 and saves Ken Ryuguji.
Outcomes The Tokyo Manji Gang won against Moebius in Battle of 8/3. Ken Ryuguji is saved.
Location Triggers Time Image
Naoto Tachibana's present apartment July 21, 2017
(from the present to the past)
Tachibana family's past residence August 10, 2005
(from the past to the present)


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