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Shibuya (渋谷 Shibuya?) is one of the 23 wards in Tokyo.



Name Description Appearance
Shibuya Station Shibuya Station is a railway station. It is where Takemichi Hanagaki meets Tenjiku for the first time.[1] Shibuya Station.png
Shibuya's School Shibuya's School is a local school located in Shibuya. Shibya School Hall.png
Musashi Temple The Musashi Temple serves as the Tokyo Manji Gang's base of operations. Musashi Temple (manga).png
Valhalla's Arcade The arcade serves as Valhalla's base of operations. Arcade (manga).png
S.S Motors S.S Motors was a bike shop founded and owned by Shinichiro Sano. Years later, it has been renovated to a hideout by Seishu Inui and Hajime Kokonoi. S.S MOTORS (manga).png
CD DVD Rental Store CD DVD Rental Store is an electronics establishment where Takemichi Hanagaki works as an employee. Upon his eighteenth time leap, he becomes the store manager. CD DVD Rental Store.png
D&D Motorcycle Shop D&D Motorcycle Shop is a bike shop owned by Ken Ryuguji and Seishu Inui. DeD manga.png
Junkyard The junkyard serves as the main setting of Bloody Halloween. Junkyward (manga).png
Udagawa Christian Church The Udagawa Christian Church serves as the main setting of the Christmas Conflict. Chapel.png
Udagawa Bowling Udagawa Bowling is a bowling center where Takemichi Hanagaki meets Manjiro Sano in the present. Udagawa Bowling.png
XJ Land XJ Land is a pet shop owned by Chifuyu Matsuno. XJ Land.png
Tokyo Cram School Tokyo Cram School is an after-school test-prep facility located in Shibuya. It is where where Hinata Tachibana and Tetta Kisaki first met. Tokyo Cram School.png
Koshaku Koushaku is a café where Takemichi Hanagaki meets Masato Tachibana for the first time. Koushaku.png
Sano Dojo Sano Dojo is the Sano family's business. It is where the Sano siblings grew up in with their grandfather as their martial arts mentor. Sano Dojo.png
Harmony Bath House Harmony Bath House is a bathhouse. Harmony Bath House.png


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