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Shion Madarame ( (まだら) () () (おん) , Madarame Shion?) was the former Ninth Generation leader of Black Dragon and a member of the S-62 Generation. Later on, he became one of Tenjiku's Four Heavenly Kings. After facing time in a juvenile detention center, Shion became Rokuhara Tandai's Number 5 until its disbandment.[3] Now he is Kanto Manji Gang's Commanding Officer.


Shion is a man of above average height. He has long light hair swept to the right with the left side of his head shaved, revealing his signature temple tattoo extending down to his neck. He has a small scar on the leftmost side of his mouth and two piercings on both ears. He commonly wears his gang uniform. During his time in Rokuhara Tandai, Shion was seen with shoulder-length hair which he often wore down.


Shion is a cruel and bloodthirsty delinquent. His brutality scares even his gang members while his love for fighting earned him the moniker "Mad Dog" within Tenjiku. He is prideful in his strength, and as a result, is exceedingly arrogant. Shion is both rude and boastful with nothing to show up for it while coupled with his lack of any respect or decency. Despite this, he was very loyal to Izana Kurokawa by staying with him alongside the members of the S-62 Generation after his death.

Skills and Abilities


Shion has held supreme authorities as the Ninth Generation leader of the Black Dragon and one of Tenjiku's main quartet, giving him large sway over great groups of delinquents.

Fighting Prowess

Shion appears to have a piteous fighting ability regardless of the small victories he has had in the past against a few Toman members.[4][5] Back when he was the Ninth Generation Black Dragon leader, he and his crew were easily defeated by the newly formed Toman, then beaten by South Terano with the S-62 Generation years later during the formation days of Rokuhara Tandai.

Shion is noted to occasionally use brass knuckles in battle, which aid him in defeating and inflicting injury on his opponents.[6]




  • The name Shion means "lion" (獅) (shi) and "sound" (音) (on).
  • Shion's surname Madarame means "rash, spot, unevenness, irregularity" (斑) (madara) and "eye, ogle" (目) (me).


  • According to the official character book:
    • Shion's image color is canary yellow.
    • He likes the Black Dragons.
    • He dislikes arrogant people.
    • His special skill is using knuckle dusters.
    • The person he respects or admires is Izana Kurokawa.
    • The person he dislikes or fears is Manjiro Sano.
    • His dream is to become Izana's right-hand man.
    • His favorite spot is with Yokohama Tenjiku.
    • His heroic/failure story is being known as part of the "Vicious Generation".
    • A day in his life: according to Shion, Rindo and him have a very hierarchical relationship. Rindo is respectful of Shion who is his elder. Shion was complaining to him about how powerful the top fighters within Tenjiku and Toman are, and said that the two of them could have taken over the world had they been born at a different time. Rindo then complimented his confidence despite the circumstances, to which Shion replied that Rindo was a good guy.


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