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Shion Madarame (斑目 (まだらめ) 獅音 (しおん) Madarame Shion?) was the former Ninth Generation leader of Black Dragon and a member of the S-62 Generation. He is currently Rokuhara Tandai's No. 5.[2]


Shion is a man with above average height. He has long blonde hair swept to the right while the left side of his head is shaved, revealing his lion tattoo that extends down to his neck. There is a small scar that has been stitched below the left side of his lip. He sports two piercings on both ears.


Shion is a cruel and bloodthirsty delinquent. His brutality scares even his gang members. His love for fighting earned him the moniker "Mad Dog" within Tenjiku. He is prideful in his strength, and as a result, is exceedingly arrogant. His face contorts into a wide grin when excited. Madarame is both rude and boastful with nothing to show up for it while coupled with his lack of any respect or decency.

Skills and Abilities


Shion has held authorities both as the 9th generation leader of the Black Dragon and as one of Tenjiku's main quartet, giving him large sway over great groups of delinquents.

Fighting Prowess

For all his boasting and his delinquent career, Shion has pathetic fighting abilty in comparison. Back in the day, he and his crew were easily defeated by the newly formed Tokyo Manji Gang. He was also been easily defeated by South Terano. Shion still was a remarkable fighter. He managed to gain a reputation as a feared brawler, and he was feared by many.



  • The name Shion means "lion" (獅) (shi) and "sound" (音) (on).
  • Shion's surname Madarame means "rash, spot, unevenness, irregularity" (斑) (madara) and "eye, ogle" (目) (me).


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