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Shuji Hanma ( (はん) () (しゅう) () ,Hanma Shūji?) is the secondary antagonist of Tokyo Revengers. He is the right-hand man and confidant of Tetta Kisaki.


Hanma is a tall, lanky delinquent, has black hair with a yellow streak in the middle. It is shaved at the sides and long at the top. He wears a long, golden earring. The kanjis 'Sin' and 'Punishment' are tattooed on his left and right hands, respectively[2] He is usually seen in his current gang uniforms, but when he first appears, he wears an oversized white Henley shirt with buttons, cropped black skinny jeans and sandals.

In the present timelines where he is a Toman admin, Hanma retains his blonde-streaked hair and signature earring but keeps his hair is more relaxed and tousled in comparison. He also dons a light-colored striped suit and vest, along with a tie and round glasses.[3][4]

In the latest present timeline, his hair is longer, covering one of his eyes, which are rimmed with dark circles. He wears an oversized pullover hoodie.[5]


Hanma can be best described as an adrenaline junkie. His single purpose in life is to find excitement, taking to street violence as a means to relieve his intense boredom. However, he slowly sinks into apathy as he continues to win fight after fight without much resistance. It is for this reason that he eventually allies himself with Kisaki and cares little if the latter exploits him, as he finds exhilaration in following his plans.

As long as he can entertain himself, he cares little about the consequences or the collateral damage that is caused by his actions. This mindset extends even to himself as he has very little regard for the value of his own life.

Hanma is also sadistic and cruel, eagerly enjoying violence and taking active an active role in Kisaki's plans. Even gloating and enjoying the chaos caused by their crimes, sometimes reacting with euphoria at being at the center of battle and seeing people getting hurt through their schemes.



Hanma has been a top executive of many gangs, such as Toman, Moebius and Valhalla. He is Kisaki's right hand man and thus commands considerable authority.

Fighting Prowess

Hanma is a very competent fighter. He is able to beat a number of delinquents by himself. He especially stands out in endurance. Draken called him "Zombie" for that very reason, since it took Draken a surprising amount of hits in order to eventually defeat Hanma. He was capable of blocking Mikey's signature kick and was practically unscathed after the hit, also managing to fight Mikey to a standstill. He lost in a later battle to Mikey solely because of his carelessness.


  • The name Shuji means "discipline, study, conduct oneself well, master" (修) (shu) and "two" (二) (ji).
  • Shuji's surname Hanma means "half" (半) (han) and "while, time, interval, space" (間) (ma).


  • According to the official character book:
    • His image color is purple.
    • He likes thrills♡.
    • He dislikes people other than himself.
    • His special skill is breaking people's teeth.
    • The people he respects or admire are seniors who treat him.
    • His dream is that he wants to have 100 slaves to do everything for him from getting up to going to bed.
    • His heroic story (or failure story): He has a great kinetic eyesight that he won't get a direct hit from any human punches (Mikey is inhuman).
    • His favorite spot is within a fighting.
    • Hanma's relationship chart:
      • Mikey and Draken (in the past): Want to crush Toman!
      • Kisaki: To be amused


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