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South Terano (寺野 (てらの) (サウス) , Terano Sausu?), real name Minami Terano (寺野 (てらの) 南は (みなみ) , Terano Minami?), is the leader of Rokuhara Tandai.


Terano is an extremely tall and muscular individual, dwarfing even Draken. He is the tallest character introduced in the series. He has a large tattoo, a design of some sort of creature with many eyes and sharp teeth, on the right side of his face down to his right shoulder and chest. His hair is shaved save for the top with the hair bundled in a top knot. He has piercing eyes and a confident demeanor. He wears Rokuhara Tandai's uniform and rides a motorcycle with a design similar to that of his tattoo. There is a scar on the left side of his chest from getting shot with a gun.

As a 5 year old boy, he had short hair. As a 12 year old, Terano was already as strong and tall as a grown man. His head was shaven, and he already had his tattoos.

When angered, his facial expressions become similar to that of Taiju Shiba's: he takes on a wide, savage grin, his forehead vein pops out, and his eyes become menacing.


Terano emanates great confidence due to his belief in his overwhelming strength. He has a very short temper and will quickly lash out violently if provoked. He is unreasonably cruel, enjoying inflicting pain on others, his own underlings included (and even if they do something he approves of), suggesting that he is mentally unstable. He believes in the principle that the strong must stay at the top and devour those weaker then they.

Due to his violent upbringing, Terano has no qualms about killing at all. [2]

He seems to like music, namely classical, as he has made multiple music references and shouts music terms when fighting, which stemmed from the fact that his only childhood companion was an old piano. [3]


Born Minami Terano, South Terano grew up in the slums of Brazil with his bedridden mother; his only childhood toy was an old piano. A gang leader named Dino functioned as his mother's caregiver and a surrogate father. He introduced Terano, a Japanese native, to Brazilian gang life at the age of five. Dino groomed Terano into violence by ordering him to shoot men he considered his enemies. For this killing, Terano received money and bought new shoes, thus learning the benefits of violence. After Terano's success, Dino dubs him "South".

South's physical impressive strength displays itself; at twelve, he kills Dino by beating him to death and inherits Dino's gang, Dino South. Two years later, a rival gang raid kills South's mother. With both parental figures dead, South moves back to Japan to live with his grandparents. He continues his gang activity there, eventually landing in juvenile detention.

In detention, he encounters the recently incarcerated S62 Generation members and hears of their involvement in the Kanto Uprising; they are considered the men who rule Kanto. From this, South concludes that if he defeats them, he can be Kanto's top gangster. Eagar to build his own era, South easily defeats Ran, Rindo, Shion, Mucho, and Mocchi.

Around a year later, in 2007, South is released from detention; in the same year, he, alongside the Haitani Brothers, Mocchi, and Shion, created Rokuhara Tandai. South expresses his desire to recruit Kakucho into Rokuhara Tandai. Ran replies that Kakucho will not listen to him; his involvement in Tenjiku only came about under Izana's bidding. Laughing in reply, South assures Ran that he is good at negotiating. South's form of "negotiating" comes in the form of brutally beating Kakucho in an alley. As he lays on the ground, beaten and bruised, Kakucho admits his defeat to a grinning South; subsequently, he joins Rokukara Tandai. [4]


Terano is mentioned when Kazushi Yamagishi informs Takemichi Hanagaki about the current state of the delinquent world after he returns to the past. He is revealed to be one of the three formidable individuals who rose up and put a stop to Tokyo's Sengoku Period that resulted from the Tokyo Manji Gang's disbandment.

Terano makes his first official appearance when he throws Inui at Draken and Takemichi while they are riding on Draken's motorcycle. He surrounds Draken, Inui, and Takemichi with the gang he represents, Rokuhara Tandai. He then asks Draken to partner up with him. [5]

Draken declines, stating that he has already retired and does not want anything to do with gangs anymore. This infuriates Terano, as his whole purpose for arriving in Tokyo was to defeat Toman, and he proceeds to pummel Draken with heavy strikes. Draken takes his blows with a pained grimace, but does not retaliate, holding true to his statement that he is done with gang matters. With Draken on the ground, struggling to get up, Terano turns his attention to Takemichi, but their interaction gets cut off when Brahman, led by its deputy leader Takeomi Akashi, arrives at the scene. [6]

Terano watches as the tension intensifies and is suddenly attacked by Senju Kawaragi. Draken then challenges Terano, but they are cut off by the sound of police sirens. Terano tells calls off a retreat.

Terano makes his next appearance when he is informed of Draken's death. He beats the perpetrators to a bloody pulp, but commends their work. He leads his gang to confront Brahman for a battle.

When the gangs meet, he is exuberant to see Mikey and the Kanto Manji Gang arrive. He then engages in a battle against Wakasa Imaushi and Keizo Arashi.

Though not explicitly stated yet, it is implied that he ultimately fell at the hands of Mikey, as his subordinates were seen to be Mikey's underlings in the future with Bonten.

Skills and Abilities

One of the "3 Deities," denoting the three most influential and powerful delinquents following the Tokyo Manji Gang's disbandment, Terano is claimed to be on par with the Invincible Mikey.


As a 12 year old, Terano was already the leader of a prominent adult gang. As Rokuhara Tandai's representative, he has control over one of the strongest gangs following Tokyo Manji Gang's disbandment.

Physical Abilities

He has immense physical strength and precision, being able to hold and throw Inui with one hand while steering his motorcycle with the other. His blows have enough power to knock the sturdy Draken staggering. [7] As a 12 year old, he already had the strength to kill a grown, muscular man. [8]

Fighting Prowess

One of the strongest characters in the story, Terano fights in a way that is extremely reminiscent of Taiju Shiba. Like Taiju, he has a huge frame, and with it, tremendous strength. His style is very callous: wide, crude, yet herculean punches and hooks. He lacks technique, but makes up for it with pure brute strength. When he launches a regular punch or hook, he shouts, "Forte (ƒ)," meaning loud; when he deals a heavy blow, he shouts "Fortissimo (ƒƒ)," meaning very loud. [9]

He is so overwhelmingly powerful that he easily defeated the remaining S62 Generation all at once. He also destroyed Kakucho in a fight. [10]


Due to his massive and muscular frame, he can shake off blows that would knock out anyone else. Terano has yet to suffer any significant injury in the story, save for a gunshot wound.


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Terano's name means 'South of the Temple' (No - の (of)) (Tera - 寺 (temple))



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