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The strongest stays the strongest even after they got eaten and killed. It's a dog-eat-dog world out h here!
— South explains his haughty beliefs to Draken[1]

Minami Terano (寺野 (てらの) (みなみ) , Terano Minami?), or South Terano (寺野 (てらの) (サウス) , Terano Sausu?), was the Representative (総代, Sōdai?) of Rokuhara Tandai.[3][4]


South was a tall muscular individual with slight foreign features who significantly dwarfed his companions. He had blond hair often kept in a bun, piercing yellow round eyes that contributed to his intimidating demeanor, and a wide prominent grin on his face. He bore a Brazilian tribal tattoo design on the rightmost side of his chest that extended up to his neck and a gunshot wound on the left. South was most often seen wearing the traditional Rokuhara Tandai uniform, but would habitually go shirtless from time to time.

At five years old, South had average height and a slender build. He had platinum clean-cut hair and walked around barefoot. As he grew, he distinctly gained more muscle. He shaved his hair at twelve years old, but eventually grew it out to its relatively short length before his death.


South was highly confident in himself because he believed in his overwhelming strength. He had a short temper and tend to violently lash out at those who provoked him, no matter who they were. Along with his temperamental attitude, South had an obstructive behavior. He became a misled child because of his savage upbringing in the impoverished sector of Rio de Janeiro, his hometown, which caused him to be blinded by his prideful personality. Although South seemingly had a normal childhood for a short amount of time, he still became an unreasonably cruel individual. He enjoyed inflicting pain on others for irrational reasons and constantly exhibited a superiority complex toward his peers. For these reasons, South had no qualms about killing at all.

Skills and Abilities


Before being crowned as one of the Three Deities, South pronounced himself as the leader of Rokuhara Tandai, an influential and powerful motorcycle gang established during Tokyo's Sengoku Period. South was recognized to be on par with Manjiro Sano and Senju Kawaragi authority wise. When he was twelve years old, he became the leader of Dino South, a small yet fearsome gang that ran a favela in Rio de Janeiro, his hometown.

Physical Abilities

South had immense physical strength and precision for he was capable of hurling Seishu Inui with one hand while steering his motorcycle with the other.[5] He was a great ferocious fighter, formerly recognized for his powerful blows that knocked Kakucho and the S-62 Generation off their feet,[6] and eventually Ken Ryuguji, who he punched after he declined his offer to join Rokuhara Tandai.[7] When he was twelve, South had the capacity to kill Dino, his mentor and guardian throughout his childhood.[8] While South normally struck first in a battle, his physical abilities also shone light on his endurance and strong defense.

Fighting Prowess

With the help of his physical abilities, South fought in a callous style: wide, crude, yet Herculean punches and hooks. He had a habit of relating his punches to musical dynamics as an indicator of his love for music ever since childhood. When he launched a regular hook, he often yelled, "forte (ƒ)," meaning strong; when he dealt a heavy blow, he yelled "fortissimo (ƒƒ)," meaning very strong.[9]South fighting prowess are proved even further when he defeated Waka and Benkai with relatively ease and defeated Senju right after although he is soon defeated by Mikey when Mikey awake his dark impulsivity utlimely leading to South's death right after.


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  • "Thanks to these urges of mine, I've come to love violence... Mikey, you get me, don't you!?" — South appraises his dark impulses in comparison to Mikey's[10]
  • "Viiivo, Kawaragi Senju! It's the first time I've felt this great! A new rhythm is born! Such a blissful moment! I want this beat to go on and on and on!!" — South commends Senju's strength as they fight[11]


  • South's name means "South of the Temple." "No" means of (の) and "Tera" means temple (寺).


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