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Souya Kawata ( (かわ) () ソウヤ, Kawata Sōya?), or Angry (アングリー, Angurī?), is the Fourth Division Vice-Captain (肆番隊 副隊長, Yonban-tai Fuku Taichō?) of the Tokyo Manji Gang. He is the younger twin brother of Nahoya Kawata.


Angry is of short stature and small build with fair skin. He has voluminous curly bright turquoise hair that matches the hues of his eyes and two silver earrings on his right earlobe. His face is constantly set in a snarl making his veins prominently show, hence his famous nickname "Angry." He wears the traditional Tokyo Manji Gang uniform when embarking on missions but always matches outfits with his brother when out on personal endeavors.


Contrary to his appearance, Angry is kind and a pacifist. He cares a lot about his friends and wishes to protect them at all costs. Smiley states that Angry is too nice to beat anyone up.

Skills and Abilities


Angry was granted the position as Fourth Division Vice-Captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang, implying that he has the capacity to lead a powerful gang division. Prior to joining Toman, he established the Twin Devils Gang with Smiley, another one among his couple remarkable feats as a gang leader.

Fighting Prowess

Angry is usually an above average fighter among the members in Toman, although weaker than his twin. However, once something bad or unfair happens to one of his friends, he starts to cry and enters a state called "The Crying Blue Ogre." According to Smiley, this state of mind makes him "100 times stronger" than himself. This was proven shortly afterwards after he defeated the Haitani Brothers, Kanji Mochizuki and Yasuhiro Muto with relative ease, making him one of the strongest members of Toman when in that state.


Manga Appearances
Chapters in order of appearance

Bonten Arc

Three Deities Arc

Kanto Manji Arc




  • His surname Kawata means "river, stream" (河) (kawa) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta).


  • Angry is known as the "Dark Horse" of the Tokyo Manji Gang.[4]
  • According to the official character book:
    • From the question "Who's strong in arm wrestling?", Angry is ranked number 2 from the Top 3 Worst.
    • From the question "Who's the fastest runner?", Angry is ranked number 2 from the Top 3 Worst.


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