Taiju Shiba ( (しば) 大寿 (たいじゅ) Shiba Taiju?) is the former 10th leader of the Black Dragons.


Similar to Draken, Taiju is a very tall and strong man, Towering any character, including his brother, Hakkai. His hair was blue and he kept it long and tied up. He wears the new version of Black Dragons uniform, but the uniform jacket was longer and coloured red instead. The uniform jacket was showing his abs and muscles. He has a tribal and scripts tattoo, from the neck, down to his body. He's seemly loves to grin and laughing.


Taiju is brutal and abusive. He's enjoying tormenting and didn't even cared fighting someone, even to his own siblings. He is doesn't care what his opponent is, even a girl. He trained his Black Dragons gang to act like an army. Taiju was very abusive towards his siblings, over a simple thing.

Despite his appearance, Taiju is a very religious christian person. He goes to church alone, to pray, on every year on christmas day.





  • The name Taiju means "big, great" (大) (tai) and "longevity, congratulations, one's natural life" (寿) (ju).
  • Taiju's surname Shiba means "brush, firewood" (柴).



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