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Hakkai, no matter how hard things get, only use our strength to protect. Don't hate the situation you're born into, Hakkai.
— Mitsuya tells Hakkai[1]

Takashi Mitsuya (三ツ谷 (みつや) (たかし) Mitsuya Takashi?) is a founding member and the former Second Division Captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang. He is the older brother of Luna and Mana Mitsuya.


Mitsuya is a young man with droopy lavender eyes and short silver-lilac hair;[6] he also has a muscular body, shown during his fight with Taiju Shiba.[7] He is often seen wearing his Tokyo Manji Gang uniform. When not in his uniform, Mitsuya wears a variety of outfits, from a zip-up vest layered with a t-shirt,[8] to a matching color-block set.[9] He also has a dragon tattoo on his right temple, identical to Draken's. The tattoo is now concealed by his hair.[10]

In high school, Mitsuya sports a shaggy shoulder-length mullet and layers a white t-shirt with a black long sleeve.[11] He is never seen without his signature left piercing, a black huggie earring with silver crosses.


Mitsuya is a calm, levelheaded person who is also the source of positivity in the gang. Despite his rough upbringing, he tackles every day with a smile. Mitsuya is a pacifist, preferring to not get into an altercation if possible, but at the same time, will not hesitate to fight in order to protect what is dear to him.

He has shown an angrier side to him, getting frustrated at Takemichi when he was losing and told him to stay focused.

He cares for his two younger sisters, Luna and Mana, acting as both their mother and father since their mother is rarely at home due to work.


Fighting Prowess

As the Second Division Captain, Mitsuya is shown to have strong fighting skills. He is also well known for his fighting skills among the other gangs. He was able to evenly trade blows with Taiju Shiba for a while.[12] Additionally, Mocchi noted that he was impressed with Mitsuya's fighting skills.[13]


Mitsuya was able to take numerous punches from the powerful Taiju Shiba and also survived a blow to the head with an metal pipe from Seishu Inui, who is known for his fighting skills.


Mitsuya is the leader of his middle school Home Economics club. His knowledge and skills in sewing garner respect from his schoolmates, despite his status as a delinquent. As a way to show gratitude to Takemichi, he makes his uniform. He began sewing as a way to provide toys for his younger sisters that he could not otherwise afford.[14]



  • The name Takashi means "noble, prosperity" (隆) (takashi).
  • Takashi's surname Mitsuya means "three" (三) (mi), "stars" (ツ) (tsu) and the kanji of (谷) means "valley".


  • According to the official character book:
    • His image color is orange.
    • The person he respects or admires is Coco Chanel.
    • The people he dislikes or fears are Mana behaving like a tragic heroine, and Luna who has just woke up.
    • His dream is to be a designer,
    • He likes the moment when the wrinkles are removed by ironing.
    • He dislikes when Hakkai is overdoing things.
    • His special skill is that he can tell the type of fabric just by touching it.
    • His heroic story (or failure story): He is second to none in Toman when it comes to Beach Flags.
    • His favorite spot is an empty classroom after school.
    • Mitsuya's relationship chart (In the past):
      • Mikey: Toman founding member
      • Takemichi: Look after him when he's in second division
      • Draken: Respect
      • Pe-yan: Same school
    • A daily activity of a certain day (from morning till bedtime):
      • His mom is off for the first time and he wants to let her be free so he goes out with his sisters. Hakkai was called because his sisters like him. Hakkai, Mana and Luna have fun in the park until evening. In the meantime, he finished off the next handicraft club competition task on the bench.
    • From the question "Who do you want to marry?", Mitsuya is ranked number 2 from Top 3 Best Husbands.
    • From the question "Who's likely to be rich?", Mitsuya is ranked number 3 from the Top 3 Best.
  • His motorbike is an Impulse.
  • He and Draken are named "The Twin Dragons of Toman", due to both of them sharing the same tattoo that Mitsuya tagged on a wall.
  • He is not good with mechanical stuff and according to Hakkai he only uses one finger on the keyboard.[15]


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