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Tenjiku (天竺 (てんじく) , Tenjiku?) was Kanagawa's largest delinquent group based on Yokohama.[1] It was led by Izana Kurokawa.


This gang was founded by S-62 Generation members.

Founding Members





Izana is Tenjiku's supreme authority as well as its pillar.

Four Heavenly Kings

The Four Heavenly Kings are the four strongest fighter's in Tenjiku. It is unclear if they have the same functions as Tokyo Manji Gang's Division Captains, but it is heavily implied so, as the Four Kings all appear with their corresponding squads, and one of them (Ran Haitani) even has his own second-in-command (his brother, Rindo Haitani)

General Chief of Staff

This position is occupied by Tetta Kisaki, who joined Tenjiku shortly after getting kicked out of Tokyo Manji Gang. It is unclear what are the functions of this position, and where it falls on Tenjiku's hierarchy, but it clearly involves a lot of power, and allows Kisaki to give orders to any Tenjiku member other than the Executives. It is heavily implied that the position was made just for Kisaki after he became an ally to Izana Kurokawa.


Theoretically, any upper echelon member is considered an "Executive." There is, however, a member of Tenjiku that is referred solely as an executive, that being Yasuhiro Muto.


Heavenly Kings

Heavenly King
Heavenly King
Heavenly King
Heavenly King

Known Members

General Staff Officer


  • Tenjiku is the Japanese terminology for Tianzhu (derived from India's Sindhu) as referenced in Journey to the West, the story from which Izana drew inspiration to build his kingdom.[2]


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