Tetta Kisaki (稀咲 (きさき) 鉄太 (てった) Kisaki Tetta?) is the principal antagonist of Tokyo Revengers. He's especially known for rising to the top of the Toman at full speed and for having organize many times Hinata Tachibana's murder.



Kisaki is a ruthless, cunning, and ambitious individual who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Although average in stature, his power to rule with fear makes even those stronger than he obey him. The entirety of his actions in the entire story revolves around becoming to most powerful and influential criminal in Tokyo.

Kisaki cares little about his subordinates and superiors alike, seeing both groups as tools for his success. In fact, he sees almost everyone as objects for him to be manipulated. He is selfishly willing to incriminate others or even make them sacrifice their lives in order for him to escape the law or further his plans. In spite of this, he has remarkable charisma, able to find many willing to serve under him, though this is also because they fear him. He also garners the trust of a few powerful and notable delinquents, which allows him in turn to gain control of their underlings.

As a child, he was very timid and insecure. His isolation during childhood makes him develop an inferiority complex and molds him into the ruthless individual that is seen throughout the story. It is also likely the reason why he only sees others as tools.

Skills and Abilities

Although not the strongest delinquent out there, Kisaki has above average fighting capabilities. He was actually able to knock Takemichi out early on in the story with a bunch to the temple. He is able to hold his own and defeat average delinquents.

What makes Kisaki an incredibly dangerous, if not the most dangerous, individual is not his fighting prowess, but his abnormal intelligence.

Kisaki has shown abnormal intellectual abilities throughout the story, being able to foil Takemichi's plans multiple times despite the latter being able to time travel. He has been able to ingeniously manipulate countless delinquents to do his bidding and serve as stepping stones to him.


  • The name Tetta means "iron" (鉄) (tet) and "thick, big" (太) (ta).
  • Tetta's surname Kisaki means "rare, uncommon, unusual, phenomenal, dilute (acid)" (稀) (ki) and "blossom" (咲) (saki).



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