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Tetta Kisaki ( () (さき) (てっ) () , Kisaki Tetta?) is the main antagonist of Tokyo Revengers. He rose to the top of the Toman by manipulating Mikey and organized Hinata Tachibana's murder in multiple different futures.


Kisaki is a man of average height, with blue eyes, and blonde hair (dyed). He also sports glasses and an earring on his left ear. In his first appearance, his hair is cut to a crew cut and shaved hair art on the right side of his head. As a member of the Tokyo Manji Gang, his hair is cut in an undercut and he wears the usual Toman uniform.

As a child, Kisaki used to have longer black hair. In an alternative timeline, he has light golden brown hair parted to the side.


Kisaki is a ruthless, cunning, and ambitious individual who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Although average in stature, his power to rule with fear makes even those stronger than he obey him. The entirety of his actions in the entire story revolves around becoming the most powerful and influential criminal in Tokyo.

Kisaki cares little about his subordinates and superiors alike, seeing both groups as tools for his success. In fact, he sees almost everyone as objects for him to be manipulated. He is selfishly willing to incriminate others or even make them sacrifice their lives in order for him to escape the law or further his plans. In spite of this, he has remarkable charisma, able to find many willing to serve under him, though this is also because they fear him. He also garners the trust of a few powerful and notable delinquents, which allows him in turn to gain control of their underlings.

As a child, he was very timid and insecure. His isolation during childhood makes him develop an inferiority complex and molds him into the ruthless individual that is seen throughout the story. It is also likely the reason why he only sees others as tools.

Kisaki's number one drive in life is his obsessive love for Hinata developed during his childhood. Seeing how Hinata was attracted to Takemichi who wanted to become a delinquent, he researched and came to the natural conclusion that if he became Japan's top delinquent then Hinata would come to love him as a proxy of his superiority.

Fully aware of his physical limitations when compared to other fighters he resorted to more subtle means to achieve his goal, controlling events from behind, instigating conflict and at times murder, while at the same time using every chance possible to gain the trust of whom he deemed necessary to fuel his agenda, researching to the minimal detail and accute precision to set in motion his plans. Incredibly patient and with a strong tolerance to frustration, he didn't mind waiting several years before the full extent of his plans was fulfilled and showed incredible persistence in his schemes when some of his plans failed.

Ultimately his compulsion to win Hinata's favor was not rooted in genuine love, but on selfish, possessive egotism, best evidenced by having her murdered after being rejected in every timeline in which he confessed to her, repulsed by the idea of her being with another man and driven insane by her rejection, unable to understand why she would not look at his way despite everything he believed he did for her sake.

Skills and Abilities


Kisaki has been in high positions in multiple gangs in order to further his plans, such as Toman, Moebius, Valhalla and Tenjiku.

Fighting Prowess

Although far from the strongest delinquent, Kisaki has above average fighting capabilities. He is able to hold his own and defeat average delinquents.


What makes Kisaki an incredibly dangerous, if not the most dangerous individual, is his abnormal intelligence. Kisaki has shown the he can be extraordinary intellectual throughout the story, being able to foil Takemichi's plans multiple times despite the latter being able to time travel. He has been able to ingeniously manipulate countless powerful delinquents to do his bidding and serve as his stepping stones. If not for Takemichi's supernatural ability, Kisaki would have risen to the top of Toman with ease, which he did in the original timeline.


Manga Appearances
Chapters in order of appearance

Toman Arc

Valhalla Arc

Black Dragon Arc

Tenjiku Arc

Bonten Arc

Anime Appearances
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Toman Arc

Valhalla Arc




  • The name Tetta means "iron" (鉄) (tet) and "thick, big" (太) (ta).
  • Tetta's surname Kisaki means "rare, uncommon, unusual, phenomenal, dilute (acid)" (稀) (ki) and "blossom" (咲) (saki).


  • According to the official character book:
    • His image color is black.
    • He dislikes idiots.
    • His special skill is studying, especially mathematics.
    • The people he respects or admire is no one.
    • His dream is to form Japan's largest crime syndicate.
    • His heroic story (or failure story): There's nothing to talk about.
    • His favorite spot is on a pedestrian bridge at night.
    • Kisaki's favorite thing is plants, his favorite plant is the "Wisteria Floribunda".
    • Kisaki's relationship chart (In the past):
      • Hanma (Valhalla): They are actually connected behind people's back
      • Mikey (Toman): To butter up


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