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The Three Deities Arc it is the first half of the Final Arc and the eighth story arc of the Tokyo卍Revengers manga.



Returning to the past

Chifuyu strategizes

After returning to the past, Takemichi wakes up in 2008, ten years before the events that led Mikey to create Bonten. Returning to school, Takemichi is reunited with his friends, all changed by the time period. Arriving at his classroom, Takemichi meets with Chifuyu once again, explaining that he has returned from the future again.

After this, Takemichi says he will save Mikey from his future. While this conversation is taking place, Manjiro and the other members of Kanto Manji defeat another gang in Tokyo, further declaring Mikey's principles of dominating everything around him. Manjiro notices Takemichi's presence as soon as he returns again to the past.

Yamagishi explains the three deities

After Takemichi processes recent events, Chifuyu says that his return to the future will be difficult, with Mikey being the trigger to get him back. To find Mikey, Takemichi goes to Yamagishi who tells him the course of the current gangs in Japan. With the demise of Tokyo Manji after the Kanto Incident, a massive civil war between the remaining gangs has broken out, lasting two years. During this period, three gangs rose to power, becoming the three deities among the gangs.

Takemichi decides to take on Mikey alone

After finding this out, Takemichi goes to Hina, asking her forgiveness for returning from the future at the time of their marriage. Takemichi says his mission won't end until he saves Mikey, Hina accepts and says she will support him.

Seeing this situation, Chifuyu tells Takemichi for them to reunite Toman, Takemichi feels nervous after Hakkai's appearance, realizing that he couldn't tell about the time-leaping. Chifuyu leads them to where Pah-Chin, Peh-Yan and Mitsuya are. After meeting them again, Takemichi realizes the positive life they are leading after leaving Toman, and then decides not to involve them in his mission to save Mikey.

Takemichi is reunited with Draken

After they leave school, Takemichi goes with Chifuyu to the center. Takemichi asks him if he could go with him, Chifuyu says that he is working at the time in a pet shop, remembering Chifuyu's future, Takemichi decides not to involve him either. After this, Draken calls him, asking to go to him.

During the night, Takemichi is reunited with Draken, he says he is finishing fixing a motorcycle he is working on, revealing a CB250T. After this, Draken tells Takemichi to go with him to test the bike. During the ride, Takemichi says that he is on a mission to save Mikey, Draken denies this saying that Takemichi won't be able to save Mikey.

Living Legends

South calls Draken

Draken says that Mikey has changed and will not hesitate to kill Takemichi if he gets in his way. In the middle of this, Inui comes up being thrown in front of Draken's motorcycle, Takemichi tries to brake, but can't in time. With Inui down, Takemichi and Draken see South Terano, the representative of the Rokuhara Tendai, and several motorcycles block their path.

As Draken and South meet, South tells him to enter the Rokuhara Tendai, Draken denies the request while standing next to Inui, seeing the injured man after confronting the gang. Terano turns on Draken, hitting him brutally, saying that he will never forgive him for denying the request. Takemichi watches the fight, seeing Draken easily defeated with Terano's blows. South approaches Takemichi, warning that he will be his next target.

Akashi proposes to Takemichi

Soon after this, Takeomi Akashi appears in the middle of the conflict, Terano tells him not to get in the way of the fun, with this, several Brahman members appear to confront him.

Takemichi panics as the two most powerful gangs confront each other in front of him. Akashi says that he has not come to fight Terano, but to recruit Takemichi into Brahman. Kakucho appears, demonstrating to be on Terano's side. Akashi questions why he is on South's side, Kakucho only replies that Akashi hasn't forgotten Shinichiro.

The Tension is soon broken with the appearance of the leader of Brahman: Senju, approaching Takemichi, she tells him to hold her umbrella. Advancing on Terano and hitting him with her kick, announcing the fight between the two gangs.

Brahman stands in the middle of that duel

Shion Madarame decides to intervene in the conflict, challenging Senju. As Shion begins to introduce himself, he is hit in the face with a punch by Benkei, reminding him of the Kanto Incident. Benkei tells Senju that the reason they are there is not to start a fight, but to recruit Takemichi Hanagaki.

Kakucho moves to attack Benkei, proceeding to invite Takemichi to Rokuhara Tendai. In the middle of the attack, Kakucho is surprised with Waka, preventing him from continuing. Draken awakens after being knocked down with Terano, he again turns to South, challenging him to continue that fight, making him excited to fight.

Draken resumes his fight against South

Senju says he has no intention of fighting, he just wants to recruit Takemichi before Kanto Manji arrives. With that, Draken announces that he and Takemichi have no intention of joining either gang. When Draken tells Takemichi to back off, Takemichi remembers Mikey, announcing to everyone that he has no interest in any gang, he just wants to defeat Mikey.

Upon hearing this, Terano advances on Takemichi preventing him from breaking the rule of the three deities, Draken defends him, starting the conflict between the two again. Before they could resume, the sound of the police siren interrupts the fight, causing South and Draken to retreat, before leaving, Terano tells Draken that they will face each other again.

With the end of the possible conflict, Takemichi smiles seeing Draken's loyalty to Toman. Returning to the path, Draken tells Takemichi that he has joined Brahman.

Prepatives for the battle of three deities

Incident in Trinity Land

Beginning of the battle

The Battle Against South

The last moments in the battle

Kanto Manji Era


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