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This is the timeline for all the time leaps occurred.

Note: A timeline is created when Takemichi goes back to the present and sees the changes he's caused by altering the past. The first timeline is the original timeline in the beginning of the story.

Timeline of events

Toman Arc

Date (present) Main events Date (past) Main events
01/07/2017 Naoto and Hina killed in Toma's fight
04/07/2017? Takemichi pushed off train platform
04/07/2005 Meets Naoto at the park

(ch1 Vol1 pg58)

Naoto asks Takemichi to save his sister
06/07/2017 Mikey and Kisaki are top of Toman
06/07/2005 Takemichi fights Kiyomasa
??/07/2005 Takemichi picks a fight with Kiyomasa

Takemichi meets Mikey and Draken

??/07/2005 Mikey and Draken comes to meet Takemichi at school
??/07/2005 Takemichi and Hina watches fireworks

(ch6 Vol2 pg20)

Takemichi meets Atsushi

Atsushi jumps off

20/07/2017 Naoto and Takemichi discuss plans (vol2 pg69)
20/07/2005 Takemichi joins Tomans gathering for the first time
21/07/2005 Takemichi follows Draken (vol2 pg138)

Moebius Arc

Date (present) Main events Date (past) Main events
??/07/2017 Takemichi and Naoto meets Osanai
??/07/2005 Takemichi goes to stop Toman vs Moebius

Pah stabs Osanai

??/07/2005 Takemichi at hospital
01/08/2005 Takemichi stops Mikey and Draken's fight
03/08/2005 Toman vs Moebius
10/08/2005 Takemichi visits Draken at hospital

(ch30 Vol4 pg124)

Akkun has become a hair dresser.

Akkun and Hina dies.

Valhalla Arc

Date (present) Main events Date (past) Main events
??/08/2017 Hina's funeral (Vol5 ch34 pg3)
20/10/2017 Takemichi and Naoto meets Draken in death row (Vol5 ch34 pg16)
20/10/2005 Takemichi at the bath house with Mikey and Draken

Kisaki joins Toman

Baji leaves Toman to join Valhalla

??/10/2005 Kazutora invites Takemichi to Valhalla's hideout
??/10/2005 Chifuyu and Takemichi

Takemichi visits Sano's grave


(ch47 Vol6 pg99)

Takemichi goes to meet Draken on a death row for the second time.

Draken tells how in Bloody Halloween, Kazutora killed Baji and Mikey killed Kazutora.

29/10/2005 Hina gives Takemichi the clover necklace

Draken and Kazutora meet

30/10/2005 Chifuyu and Takemichi meets Baji
31/10/2005 Toman vs Valhalla
14/11/2005 Chifuyu visits Baji's grave
25/11/2005 Draken and Takemichi visit Kazutora in prison

Draken's house

Emma’s birthday

??/11/2005 Mitsuya makes Takemichi's gang uniform
??/11/2005 Toman's gatherings

Takemichi assigned as first division captain


(ch70 Vol8 pg188)

Takemichi is the top admin of Toman

Chifuyu gets killed by Kisaki and Takemichi is saved by Kazutora.

Takemichi gets caught by Naoto.

Black Dragon Arc

Date (present) Main events Date (past) Main events

(ch78 vol9 140)

Takemichi meets Hakkai at bowling center

Taiju appears

19/11/2005? Takemichi tells Chifuyu about his time travelling ability (vol10 pg44)
21/11/2005 Mitsuya and Taiju forms a peace pact


Hakkai plans to kill Taiju

Chifuyu, Takemichi teams up with Kisaki and Hanma

24/12/2005 Takemichi break up with Hinata
25/12/2005 Toman vs Black dragons


New Years
??/01/2006 Toman's gathering

Inupi and Koko joins Toman

Kisaki kicked out

10/01/2006 Takemichi's new bike

(ch114 Vol13 pg142)

Mitsuya's funeral

Takemichi flies to the Philippines to meet Mikey. (ch115 Vol13 pg175)

Mikey is shot by Naoto.

??/01/2006 Takemichi and Chifuyu

Tenjiku Arc

Date (present) Main events Date (past) Main events
??/01/2006 Tenjiku attacks Toman

Toman gathering


(ch130 Vol15 pg109)

Takemichi meets Taiju. Hakkai is dead. (ch131 Vol15 pg118)

Naoto and Takemichi meets Taiju.

Naoto and Takemichi shot dead by Kisaki

??/??/2006 Takemichi back in the past
??/??/2006 Takemichi at Mikey's house with Draken
??/??/2006 Takemichi and Chifuyu discuss plans

Takemichi taken hostage by Mucho

Koko leaves Toman for Tenjiku, Takemichi becomes the 11th leader of Black dragons

21/02/2006 Toman gathering
22/02/2006 Toman emergency gathering.

Emma's death.

Toman vs Tenjiku

Izana's death.

Kisaki's death.

??/02/2006 Takemichi visits Kakucho at hospital.
??/02/2006 Emma's funeral.
??/??/2006 Takemichi and Chifuyu.

Bonten Arc

Date (present) Main events Date (past) Main events
08/03/2006 Toman disband.
15/03/2006 Toman time capsule.
16/03/2006[1] Takemichi proposes to Hina.
16/03/2018 Pah-chin's wedding.
17/03/2018 Mitsuya preparing clothes for Takemichi's wedding.
??/03/2018 Takemichi finds out about Bonten.
Takemichi meets Mikey.

Three Deities Arc

Date (present) Main events Date (past) Main events
20/06/2008 Takemichi time leaps to 2008 and meets his friends in high school.
??/06/2008 Brahman clashes with Rokuhara Tandai.
??/06/2008 Takemichi and Senju go on a shopping trip in Harajuku.
07/07/2008 Brahman's meeting on Tanabata.

Takemichi and Senju go on a date at Trinity Land. The Battle of the Three Deities occurs.


  • Draken and Mikey's first meeting[2]
  • The formation and early days of Toman[3]
  • Shinichiro's death[4]
  • The beginning of Toman[5]
  • Baji (13) and Chifuyu's (12) backstory[6]
  • Draken and Mitsuya's first meeting[7]
  • Emma joins the Sano family[8]


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