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This article is about a timeline of all events from the Tokyo卍Revengers series. For the list of past and upcoming events related to the Tokyo卍Revengers universe, see Calendar.

An in-universe timeline is created when Takemichi Hanagaki travels to the present to see the changes he caused through his time leaps. The first recorded timeline was the original universe in the beginning of the story, where Takemichi first learned about the Tokyo Manji Gang dispute that took the lives of Hinata and Naoto Tachibana.

Events with date approximations are denoted by "c." (circa) based on the current available information provided by the anime and manga series. Therefore, they shall not be considered official dates for they are subject to change once new information are given. For the sake of clarity, this approximation system will be observed throughout the timeline of events.


Year Events
1992 Ken Ryuguji is abandoned by his mother.[1]
c. 1993 Dino introduces South Terano to violence.[2]
1994 Izana Kurokawa's adoptive mother tells him that he will be alone from that day onward.[3] Before his departure, Izana bids Emma Sano goodbye to go to the institution. He promises her that he will come back.[4][5]
1995 Ragnarok and Kodo Rengo continuously feud with each other. Later on, Shinichiro Sano unites the two gangs, putting an end to their dispute.[6]

February 22[7] — With Takeomi Akashi, Keizo Arashi, and Wakasa Imaushi under his influence, Shinichiro forms the First Generation Black Dragon.[8]

c. 1998 Takemichi Hanagaki and Kakucho spend their elementary days with each other.[9] In their second year, Kakucho changes schools.[10]
c. 1999 After the car accident that took the lives of Kakucho's family, Izana and Kakucho meet at an orphanage. While building a grave made out of sand for his deceased parents, Izana gives Kakucho a reason to live by making him his servant.[11] In winter, they both play outside in the snow and build their own kingdom called Tenjiku.[12] Concurrently, during his stay at the orphanage, Izana gets visited by Shinichiro and claims to be his older brother.[13]

In the same year, Izana gets physically attacked by a group of gangsters. Once healed from his injuries, he takes revenge by beating every single one of them past all hope for recovery. He saves the gang's leader for last and corners him. After some time, the leader commits suicide.[14]

c. 2000 South kills Dino. He becomes the Boss of Dino South.[15]

Takashi Mitsuya runs away from home. He paints a dragon mural to relieve his worries and eventually meets Draken, who brings him over to his place and becomes his friend.[16]

One month after Mitsuya and Draken's first meeting — The two coincidentally meet again and find out that they got matching tattoos.[17] Around this time, Draken meets Mikey for the first time. He brings Mikey to a local middle school gang per their orders, but Mikey wins the battle. He and Draken become friends.[18]

The Inui residence is set aflame. The Inui siblings both suffer multiple third-degree burns, but Akane Inui is in critical condition. Hajime Kokonoi forms a band of thieves to pay for her hospital bills, but she dies before the treatment plan.[19]

2001 September 16Kazutora Hanemiya celebrates his 11th birthday with his friends. However, his friends ditch him as Baji gets mad and threatens them for disrupting the game he was playing.[20] Baji helps Kazutora realize that he is being used as a money tree by his so-called friends all along, and spends the rest of the night celebrating his birthday together.[21]

September 17 — The next day, at dawn, Kazutora takes revenge on Junpeke for using him. He forces Junpeke to hand him his earring, and Baji takes him over to his place to give him an ear piercing.[22]

Moebius is formed.[23]

Izana, Kanji Mochizuki, Yasuhiro Muto, Shion Madarame, and Ran and Rindo Haitani (after the Hai-Maniac War) are charged for various crimes and sent to a juvenile detention center.[24] During their time in the detention center, Izana forms a small exclusive alliance with them called the S-62 Generation.[25]

c. 2001 — S-62 is released from reform school. Izana visits Shinichiro after not seeing each other for some time and asks permission to inherit the Black Dragon as its eighth generational leader. Shinichiro allows him, saying that it was his dream to pass the gang down to him and Mikey.[26] The Eighth Generation Black Dragon is formed. Inupi joins the gang.[27]

c. 2002 An opponent of Dino South raids South's childhood home in Rio de Janeiro and kills his mother. He migrates back to Japan to live with his grandparents.[28]
2003 Months before Toman's formation — Izana runs into his adoptive mother and confronts her about abandoning him. She tells him that they are not blood-related; rather, he is the child of her ex-husband to a Filipino woman.[29] Betrayed, Izana fights Shinichiro for lying to him. He says that, if only he did not claim to be his older brother, he would have been better off alone.[30]

April — Baji introduces Kazutora to Mikey and Draken.[31]

c. April - May — Kazutora, Baji, Mikey, Draken, Mitsuya, and Pah-chin eat out at a restaurant. Kazutora perceives Mikey as selfish, then runs into his father. Mikey jumps in to rescue him after thinking that he was about to get abducted.[32] After an unknown amount of time, Kazutora leaves their friend group and claims that he is not good with people.[33]

One week after Kazutora left the group — Kazutora faces Junpeke and his gang in a riverbank and loses. Baji soon arrives with Mikey, who crushes Junpeke's gang alone. Once the gang is finished, Baji and Mikey assure Kazutora of their friendship.[34]

Two weeks before Toman's formation — After losing to Mikey, Junpeke and his friends seek the Ninth Generation Black Dragon for help. Shion, its leader, initially refuses the favor, but Izana overhears their conversation and gets intrigued by the "Invincible Mikey" they speak of.[35]

One week before Toman's formation — Baji tells Mikey that the Ninth Generation Black Dragon is after Kazutora. Mikey tells him that he wants to crush Black Dragon while Baji thinks of an idea to counterattack them.[36]

June 19 — Mikey, Draken, Baji, Kazutora, Mitsuya, and Pah-chin go to Musashi Shrine as instructed by Mikey. He confronts Kazutora about fighting against the Ninth Generation Black Dragon alone and plans to retaliate. Consequently, Baji suggests to form their own gang with Mikey as President. The Tokyo Manji Gang is formed.[37]

A few days after Toman's formation — Toman makes their first set of uniforms and takes a commemorative photo in the middle of Shibuya.[38] Afterward, they go to the beach to celebrate. On the way there, they encounter Shonan Mermaid, who Mikey and Baji eventually face in a battle.[39] Around this time, Mikey talks to his older brother Shinichiro, the founder and leader of the First Generation Black Dragon, about their forthcoming battle against the Ninth Generation. Shinichiro permits Toman to proceed with the fight.[40]

One week after Toman's formation — Toman fights the Ninth Generation Black Dragon.[41] They are victorious.[42]

August 14[43] — Kazutora and Baji plot a scheme to break in S.S MOTOR and steal the CB250T for Mikey's birthday on the 20th.[44] During the operation, they meet Shinichiro, the shop owner and Mikey's older brother. Not knowing who the owner is, Kazutora chucks a wrench at his head and kills him. Mikey arrives at the scene once the cops are called.[45]

c. August — Hina and Kisaki meet at the cram school they both go to.[46] They eventually meet Takemichi, who saves Hina from getting attacked by a band of bullies.[47]

c. 2003Nahoya and Souya Kawata of the Twin Devils Gang and Mocchi of Jugem challenge each other to a one-on-one battle between leaders to end their feud once and for all. Mocchi is victorious against them.[48]

2004 April — Chifuyu meets Baji, who goes to the same school as him.[49] Later on, he is cornered by the local biker gang Mandala, but gets rescued by Baji. They become friends.[50]

c. 2004 — Inupi gets released from reform school and finds out that the Ninth Generation Black Dragon has been defeated by Toman. Koko takes him to Taiju to help him revive the gang. Inupi is defeated by Taiju, and the three of them establish the 10th Generation.[51]

2005 January 1 — Toman celebrates the new year by visiting the beach.[52]


Date Present Events Date Past Events
July 1, 2017[53] Hinata and Naoto Tachibana are killed in the Tokyo Manji Gang dispute.
July 4, 2017[54] Takemichi Hanagaki is pushed off the Shinjuku train station platform.
First Time Leap
July 4, 2005[54] Takemichi meets Naoto at the neighborhood park and tells him that he should protect her in order to prevent her death.
Second Time Leap
July 4, 2017[55] Back in the present, Naoto asks Takemichi to help him save Hina from Toman's dispute.
July 6, 2017[56] Takemichi and Naoto discuss Takemichi's time leaping abilities. After discovering that Manjiro Sano and Tetta Kisaki are Toman's current top two, they plan to time leap once more to prevent them from meeting.
Third Time Leap
July 6, 2005[56] Takemichi time leaps while in the middle of a fight in Masataka Kiyomizu's fighting ring. He later meets Mikey and Ken Ryuguji, and the three become friends.
July 7, 2005[57] Mikey and Draken meet Takemichi at school. Hina slaps Mikey. Afterward, he, Draken, and Takemichi go to a riverbank and talk. Mikey invites Takemichi on his journey of conquering Tokyo.
At least one day after Hina invites Takemichi to her home. She thanks him for encouraging Naoto to become a police officer and commends his maturity. They soon watch the fireworks outside, and Takemichi accidentally shakes Naoto's hand on accident.
Fourth Time Leap
The 2017 counterpart of Takemichi's second departure from the past Takemichi meets Akkun in the present. Their meeting ends as Akkun jumps off a building after asking him to save Toman from an undesirable future.
July 19, 2017[58] Naoto and Takemichi discuss Draken's death in the past. They create a plan to save Draken to prevent Kisaki from ruling Toman in the present.
Fifth Time Leap
July 19, 2005[58] Takemichi wakes up in a karaoke booth with Emma Sano. He then joins Toman's gathering at Musashi Shrine for the first time, where he learns about the conflict with the Shinjuku biker gang Moebius.
July 20, 2005[59] Takemichi follows Draken around the city to act as his bodyguard and protect him from harm. After he follows Draken and Mikey to a hospital to visit Haruki Hayashida's (Pah-chin's) friend's girlfriend, Takemichi time leaps to the present to scour for answers regarding the Moebius conflict.
Sixth Time Leap
July 20, 2017[59] Takemichi and Naoto meet Moebius's former ninth leader Nobutaka Osanai in the present, who is now a construction worker. Once they interview him, they find out that an unknown figure in Toman conspired against the gang to turn its leader against each other. Takemichi returns to the past to prevent the battle with Moebius from happening.
Seventh Time Leap
At least one day after Osanai's interview Takemichi finds Mikey, Draken, and the Third Division leaders in a warehouse. He pleads with them to drop the feud with Moebius, but Moebius arrives a few moments later. A fight erupts between Osanai and Pah-chin, to which Pah-chin loses. Mikey takes over the battle and fights Osanai instead, beating him.

Before the gangs evacuate the venue, Pah-chin stabs Osanai from the back. He turns himself in as the police arrive, and is consequently sentenced to two years in a detention center.

At least two days after Osanai's interview Takemichi is brought to the hospital after the encounter with Moebius. Emma informs him that Toman has been split into the Mikey side and the Draken side as a result of Pah-chin's arrest.
August 1, 2005[60] A couple of weeks later, Mizo Middle Five and Draken stop by at Takemichi's home to look after him. However, Mikey later arrives and stirs a commotion as he sees Draken. Takemichi successfully stops the two from fighting, and they plan to go to the Musashi festival a few days later.
August 3, 2005[61] On the day of the Musashi festival, the Battle of 8/3 occurs. Kiyomasa stabs Draken and Takemichi, but they are both saved just in time. Takemichi succeeds in his mission to rescue Draken.
August 10, 2005[62] Takemichi visits Draken at the hospital. Draken gives him Mikey's first Toman uniform and tells him to meet Mikey at the rooftop. There, Mikey confronts Takemichi of his uncanny foresight abilities, but dismisses it and thanks him for saving Draken in the Battle of 8/3.
Eighth Time Leap
August 10, 2017[62] Back in the present, Takemichi learns that Akkun fulfilled his promise and became a hair dresser. He later meets Naoto, who celebrates their successful mission in rescuing Hina. Together, they go to Hina's apartment to meet her, then get dropped off at Umishita Park to talk alone. Later on, after recalling their history with each other, Takemichi witnesses Akkun drive a truck toward the car Hina is in and kills her. Akkun and Hina die from the explosion.
Days after the Umishita Park accident Takemichi attends Hina's funeral. After sending his prayers, Naoto talks to him about abandoning the mission. However, Takemichi convinces him that he will succeed the next time around by becoming Toman's new leader.
October 20, 2017[63] Takemichi visits Draken in jail with Naoto and learns that he is on death row. Draken expresses his wish to kill Kisaki and advices Takemichi to flee Tokyo. Takemichi time leaps soon afterward to rescue Hina and prevent Draken from getting jailed.
Ninth Time Leap
October 20, 2005[63] Once he time leaps, Takemichi wakes up at the bathhouse with Mikey and Draken. When they leave, they go to Musashi Shrine and commence the Third Division Captain Nomination Ceremony. Mikey elects Kisaki as the new division Captain. Takemichi becomes progressively provoked and interrupts the ceremony by punching Kisaki. Before Takemichi is punished by Toman, Keisuke Baji announces that he will leave Toman to join Valhalla.

After the ceremony, Mikey speaks to Takemichi about Kisaki's nomination and Baji's departure. They both end up striking a deal with each other to bring Baji back from Valhalla in exchange for Kisaki's expulsion from the gang.

October 21, 2005[64] In school, Mizo Middle Five discuss Valhalla's structure. Suddenly, Kazutora Hanemiya, Valhalla's third-in-command, invites Takemichi to Valhalla's hideout. Takemichi witnesses Baji's admission to the gang and finds out that Kazutora was a Toman founding member. Alongside Baji, he plans to get revenge on Mikey after killing his older brother Shinichiro Sano on accident two years ago. Valhalla's acting leader Shuji Hanma then schedules a fight against Toman, that is to be held on the 31st of October.
October 22, 2005[65] Takemichi meets First Division Vice-Captain Chifuyu Matsuno for the first time. Afterward, they visit the Sano family grave with Mikey and Draken.

Later that evening, they interview Osanai together about his history with Kisaki. They learn that Kisaki is the leader of Valhalla, which is why the gang currently lacks the official presence of a leader.

10th Time Leap
Some time after meeting Chifuyu Takemichi time leaps to meet Draken on death row for the second time. He interviews him about Valhalla and finds out that Mikey is the gang's true leader. After Bloody Halloween, wherein Mikey killed Kazutora for killing Baji, Kisaki had a decoy prepared and rescued Mikey from getting arrested. Consequently, he rose to the top of Toman's ranks and commanded the gang as Mikey's new second-in-command.
11th Time Leap
The 2005 counterpart of Takemichi's sixth departure from the present Takemichi time leaps in front of the Tachibana residence. Hina gives him a replica of the clover necklace he previously gave her. On the same day, Draken and Kazutora meet to talk about cancelling the fight.
October 30, 2005[66][67] One day before the grand showdown, Chifuyu and Takemichi meet Baji. Chifuyu attempts to talk him out of the battle but fails. Soon afterward, Takemichi reminds him to be cautious during tomorrow's fight. In the evening, Takemichi tells Mikey about Baji's decision. Toman later gathers at Musashi Shrine for a final pep rally.
October 31, 2005[68] The Bloody Halloween occurs. By the end of the fight, Baji dies as Kazutora is arrested and sentenced to 10 years in prison. Toman is victorious.
Two weeks after Bloody Halloween[69] Chifuyu visits Baji's grave.
November 25, 2005[70] Draken and Takemichi visit Kazutora in prison. Draken tells him that Mikey has already forgiven him. After their visit, they find Emma and Mikey together and celebrate her birthday.
One day after visiting the detention center[71] Mitsuya makes Takemichi's first Toman uniform.
Two days after visiting the detention center[72] Toman gathers at Musashi Shrine to conclude Bloody Halloween. Toman becomes Valhalla's parent organization, causing the formation of the Sixth Division under Valhalla's acting leader Shuji Hanma's command. Soon afterward, Takemichi is elected as the new First Division Captain.
12th Time Leap
November 18, 2017[73] As he returns to the present, Takemichi finds out that he is a Top Admin in Toman. He goes to an admin meeting with Chifuyu and meets a set of unfamiliar faces. When Kisaki comes in, they are both excused from the meeting as Kisaki apologizes for manipulating the events in Bloody Halloween and causing Baji's death. They toast, but Kisaki reveals that he had spiked the drinks beforehand. He kills Chifuyu while Takemichi escapes through Kazutora's timely arrival.
November 19, 2017[74] 7:38 AM[75] — After catching up with each other, Kazutora takes Takemichi to Naoto who had previously been working with him and Chifuyu in exposing Kisaki's plans to the police. However, Naoto arrests Takemichi and takes him to a detention center. Naoto tells him that he had unknowingly caused Hina's death by ordering Akkun to complete the mission as demanded by Kisaki. Takemichi time leaps again after Naoto convinces him to save the gang.
13th Time Leap
November 19, 2005[74] Takemichi meets Second Division Vice-Captain Hakkai Shiba and his older sister Yuzuha for the first time at a bowling alley. At the Shiba household, they meet the 10th Generation Black Dragon and get surrounded. Its current leader Taiju Shiba comes and beats Takemichi up. In exchange for his friends's safety, Hakkai gives up his membership in Toman and joins the Black Dragon.
A few hours to at most a day after the 10th Generation encounter Takemichi tells Chifuyu about his time leaping ability.
The day after Takemichi exposed his time leaping ability Takemichi and Hakkai are summoned in Toman's headquarters in light of the recent encounter with the 10th Generation. As he had promised Taiju, Hakkai requests Mikey to leave the gang. Mitsuya refuses and instead forms a peace agreement between Toman and Black Dragon.

Later that evening, Hakkai tells Takemichi and Chifuyu that he plans to kill Taiju. The two plan to stop the Black Dragon by proposing a battle against them. However, their proposal gets declined as it would ruin the pact. As a result, they team up with Kisaki.

December 24, 2005[76] Takemichi breaks up with Hina at Umishita Park.
December 25, 2005[77] The Christmas Conflict occurs. Mitsuya, Mikey, and Draken arrive to the fight and help Takemichi and Chifuyu in accomplishing their mission. Toman wins against Black Dragon. After the fight, Hina and Takemichi make up.
December 26, 2005[78] Inupi proposes to make Takemichi the 11th leader of the Black Dragons. Mikey refuses, but makes an exception if Takemichi wishes to assume the position.
December 31, 2005[79] Toman celebrates New Year's at Musashi Shrine.
Around the first week of January[80] Toman's first gathering in the year 2006. Mikey announces the 10th Generation Black Dragon's affiliation with Toman under the First Division. Afterward, he fires Kisaki from the gang. Hanma leaves and the Sixth Division is disbanded, shrinking Toman from 450 members back to 100.
Some time after Kisaki's dismissal Takemichi receives his own motorbike from Mikey and Draken. Mikey tells him that its parts were discovered by Shinichiro in the Philippines.
Some time after receiving the bike Takmeichi meets with Toman before returning to the present. He takes a photo with the Toman leaders.
14th Time Leap
The 2018 counterpart of Takemichi's seventh departure from the past Takemichi time leaps at a funeral home. He finds out that Mitsuya has died and that Hina is still dead. As he goes to his apartment, he finds a postcard with the commemorative portrait he took of Toman before his recent time leap. Naoto arrives and tells him that Mikey has killed all Toman Admins in the present. They both fly to Manila, Philippines after realizing that Mikey is the sender of the postcard.
January 20, 2018[81] In Manila, Mikey asks Takemichi to kill him. Soon after threatening to kill Takemichi, Mikey is shot by Naoto and dies.
15th Time Leap
January 20, 2006[81] Takemichi and Chifuyu go to Harmony Bath House. They talk about the Toman massacre and theorize that Kisaki's dismissal from the gang was the cause of the most recent time leap.
A week after Takemichi's 15th time leap[82] The First Division gets attacked by Tenjiku, a new gang from Yokohama that arrived in Tokyo to crush Toman. Takemichi, Chifuyu, and Nahoya (Smiley) and Souya Kawata (Angry) later go to Yokohama to counterattack Tenjiku. In one of Tenjiku's hideouts, Kakucho reunites with Takemichi after years of no contact. He asks Takemichi to save Tenjiku's boss Izana Kurokawa from Kisaki.
One day after the Tenjiku attack[83] At an emergency meeting, Mikey announces that Toman will fight Tenjiku after deducing that the S-62 Generation has assembled under one gang. Takemichi is doubtful about the fight and time leaps to the present to talk it out with Naoto.
16th Time Leap
The 2018 counterpart of Takemichi's eighth departure from the past In the present, Takemichi and Naoto meet up with Taiju. They collect information regarding Izana's background and his relationship with Mikey. Toman's present administration eventually comes to restrain them under Izana's orders, and Takemichi and Naoto are shot by Kisaki and Kakucho. Before Naoto dies, Takemichi time leaps to the past.
17th Time Leap
The 2006 counterpart of Takemichi's ninth departure from the present Takemichi tries to shake hands with Naoto to time leap but to no avail. After confirming that Naoto has died in the present, he unintentionally tells Hina about his time leaping abilities. Takemichi continues his mission and brings up Izana to Mikey. Emma tells them that he is their adoptive older brother.
Some time after Takemichi's 17th time leap Takemichi explains to Chifuyu that Izana seeks to get revenge on Mikey, hence the fight between the two gangs. Suddenly, the Fifth Division captures the First Division while its Captain Yasuhiro Muto abducts Takemichi for questioning. Mucho reveals that he is a Tenjiku founding member and that they wish to recruit Koko, a member under Takemichi's division, into the gang. Koko soon leaves Toman to save Takemichi and Inupi from getting killed.

After the encounter, Inupi leads Takemichi to S.S MOTOR. Takemichi becomes the 11th leader of Black Dragons.

February 21, 2006[7] First Division gathering at Musashi Shrine. They inform Mikey about the Fifth Division attack. Mikey instructs them to prepare for a pep rally.
February 22, 2006[7] 2 AM[84] — Toman emergency gathering at Musashi Shrine. Hakkai tells the gang that Mitsuya and Smiley were attacked and sent to the hospital before the meeting and encourages Toman to fight Tenjiku violently. Peh-yan refuses. Mikey assures him that Toman will not lose despite the occurrence.

The morning of February 22[85] — At Shinichiro's grave, Inupi presents Takemichi to Shinichiro as the new Black Dragons leader. Izana, Mikey, and Emma arrive shortly after. As Takemichi takes Emma away from the scene, Kisaki hits her with a baseball bat through hit-and-run. Emma dies on the way to the hospital.

9:55 PM[86] — The Kanto Incident occurs. Toman proceeds to fight with Takemichi as its leading man. The battle ends with the arrest of the S-62 Generation and the deaths of Emma, Izana, and Kisaki.[87]

A few days after the fight[88] Takemichi visits Kakucho at the hospital.
Some time after visiting Kakucho Toman attends Emma's funeral.[89]
Some time after Emma's funeral Takemichi and Chifuyu talk at the riverbank.[90]
March 8, 2006[91] Mikey speaks with Takemichi about his time leaps. Takemichi narrates him the events of saving Hina from start to finish. After their discussion, Mikey summons all Toman members and disbands the gang. After the ceremony, Hakkai suggests to bury a time capsule that they will open in twelve years.
March 15, 2006[92] Toman buries their time capsule.
March 16, 2006[93] Chifuyu helps Takemichi make up to Hina for forgetting to give her a gift on White Day. Takemichi ends up proposing to her before time leaping to the present.
18th Time Leap
March 16, 2018[93] Takemichi time leaps to Pah-chin's wedding reception. He falls into tears after seeing that everyone has been rescued after his most recent time leap. Hina is alive.
March 17, 2018[94] At his studio, Mitsuya prepares Takemichi's wedding garments.
A few days after visiting Mitsuya's studio[95] Takemichi finds out about Bonten, a criminal organization. He learns from Naoto that Bonten is currently led by Mikey.
June 20, 2018[96] Takemichi meets Mikey at a bowling center. He wishes to invite him to his wedding, but Mikey confronts Takemichi about continually seeking for his presence despite the warning he gave in the stashed VHS tape twelve years ago. As he becomes provoked, he shoots Takemichi and jumps off the rooftop. However, Takemichi catches him just in time and promises to rescue him. With their hands clenched, Takemichi time leaps to the past once more.
19th Time Leap
June 20, 2008[96] Takemichi time leaps to 2008 and meets his friends in high school.

Brahman clashes with Rokuhara Tandai.

June 21, 2008 Takemichi and Senju go on a shopping trip in Harajuku.
July 7, 2008[97] On Tanabata, Brahman holds a meeting. Senju introduces Takemcihi as the newest member of the gang. After the meeting, she and Takemichi go to an amusement park, where the Battle of Three Deities eventually occurs. The battle commences once Brahman arrives after hearing word of Draken's death. It ends with Brahman's and Rokuhara Tandai's defeat against Kanto Manji. South dies and Brahman is disbanded.

After the battle, Hajime Kokonoi takes Takemichi to D&D Motorcycle Shop with the intention of taking him to the hospital.[98]

July 10, 2008[99] Takemichi wakes up in the hospital. He is greeted by Koko who tells him that Brahman was dissolved after Senju surrendered to Mikey. Kanto Manji won the Battle of Three Deities as a result.
July 15, 2008[100] One week after the battle, former Toman members visit Takemichi in the hospital. They offer to help him in defeating Mikey but he refuses. Hours later, he and Hina watch the fireworks at the rooftop. As they recall their history with each other, Takemichi announces that he will create his own team to defeat Mikey.
One month later[101] After his recovery, Takemichi meets Chifuyu at Pet Shop Palme and recruits him. Chifuyu agrees to join him and names the gang "Thousand Winters."
Some time after recruiting Chifuyu Takemichi and Chifuyu recruit Hakkai in Thousand Winters. On the same day, they go to D&D Motors to recruit Inupi. They later go to Mitsuya's home and find out that he plans to enter a fashion design contest to fulfill Draken's request.
One week later[102] The National Fashion Design Newcomer contest takes place with Mitsuya being one of the competitors. Thousand Winters attend the competition to support him. Mitsuya wins the grand prize, but he formally refuses the award. During the awarding ceremony, he announces his intentions about joining Thousand Winters.
August 31, 2008[103] The first meeting of the second generation of the Tokyo Manji Gang takes place. Declaring his intentions, Takemichi announces the final battle against Mikey.
Before the final battle[104] Mikey finds out about the announcement of war against the Kanto Manji Gang. In response, Mikey in a meeting with the other members announces the location of the battle.
September 9, 2008[105] After preparations, the final battle of the second generation Toman against Kanto Manji Gang begins.


  • Emma's birthday was confirmed to fall on November 25, 1991, per the official Character Book. However, Takemichi travelled to the present a week earlier, on November 18, during his 12th time leap,[73] which goes beyond the theory that his time leaping ability can only take him exactly tweleve years back and forth through time.


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