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Tokyo Revengers Stage (「舞台『東京リベンジャーズ』」,, Butai Tōkyō Ribenjāzu?) is the stage play adaptation of the Tokyo Revengers series.

It premiered from August 6 to August 8 at Osaka Prefecture COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA WW Hall, August 12 to August 14 at Nippon Seinenkan Hall, and August 19 to August 22 at Kanagawa Prefecture KT Zepp Yokohama.


The play covers chapters 1 to 31 of the manga.

Differences from the manga

  • Emma Sano was not cast in the stage play, so all scenes where the characters directly interact with her are removed or make no reference to her.
  • Any scene where the characters are supposed to be riding bicycles was changed into the characters walking.
  • Originally, in chapter 17, Takemichi stays at home to recover from his injuries and spends his three days doing various hobby projects. In the stage play, this was not referenced, and therefore the joke where Draken accidentally destroys his completed puzzle was skipped.
  • "Zero", an extra chapter from volume 2 that focuses on Draken's first meeting with Mikey, was not adapted.


Main Stage Cast


  • Script and Direction: Naohiro Ise
  • Art Director: Masahiro Norimine
  • Theme Song: Sir Vanity
  • Stage Music: Koorogi
  • Technical Director: Eiji Toragawa
  • Stage Manager: Kentaro Sakurai
  • Lighting: Hideki Ohata (Daylight)
  • Sound Effects: Takashi Amano (RESON)
  • Costume Designer: Mio Kumode
  • Hair&Makeup: Miwako Kimura (DOT)
  • Props: Masashi Hirano / Seina Onaga
  • Action: Kenta Nitta (Japan Action Enterprise)
  • Assistant Director: Yasuto Tanji (SPM)
  • Director: Ken Yajima / Go Sato / Honoka Yakushiji
  • Publicity art: Mariko Hao (Mujina:art)
  • Publicity photo: Fuhito Kanayama
  • Web design: EAST END CREATIVE
  • Logo design: hive & co., ltd
  • Production: Office ENDLESS
  • Producer: Takataka Shimoura





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