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Tokyo Revengers Stage: Bloody Halloween (舞台「『東京リベンジャーズ』-血のハロウィン編-,, Butai Tōkyō Ribenjāzu - Chi no Harōin-hen -?) is the second stage play adaptation of the Tokyo Revengers series.

It premiered on March 18th to 21st at COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA WW Hall in Osaka, March 25th to April 3rd at the Sunshine Theater in Tokyo.


The play covers chapters 32 to 69 of the manga.

Differences from the manga

  • The first half of chapter 32 was skipped and the stage play begins with Takemichi and Hinata taking a walk after arriving at the park.
  • In the original manga, Hinata and Naoto's mother gives Takemichi the clover necklace from the car accident. In the stage play, Naoto gives it to him, possibly because there were no other cast members who were female aside from Hinata's actress (Kotone Hanase).
  • When Takemichi goes back to the past, the scene immediately jumps to the meeting where Mikey elects Kisaki as Pah-chin's replacement, skipping the bathhouse scene entirely.
  • Nahoya Kawata and Yasuhiro Muto were not cast, so they were not present the play.
  • The Haitani brothers do not appear during Bloody Halloween.
  • Draken's conversation with Takemichi from chapter 65 was kept, but the rest of the content (such as Takemichi visiting his home and learning about his childhood) was skipped. Chapters 66 and 67 were skipped over entirely.


Main Stage Cast


  • Script and Direction: Naohiro Ise
  • Art Director: Masahiro Norimine
  • Theme Song: "Will" by Sir Vanity
  • Stage Music: Koorogi
  • Technical Director: Eiji Toragawa
  • Stage Manager: Kentaro Sakurai
  • Lighting: Hideki Ohata (Daylight)
  • Sound Effects: Takashi Amano (RESON)
  • Costume Designer: Mio Kumode
  • Hair&Makeup: Miwako Kimura (DOT)
  • Props: Masashi Hirano / Seina Onaga
  • Action: Kenta Nitta (Japan Action Enterprise)
  • Assistant Director: Yasuto Tanji (SPM)
  • Director: Ken Yajima / Go Sato / Honoka Yakushiji
  • Publicity art: Mariko Hao (Mujina:art)
  • Publicity photo: Fuhito Kanayama
  • Web design: EAST END CREATIVE
  • Logo design: hive & co., ltd
  • Production: Office ENDLESS
  • Producer: Takataka Shimoura





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