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This section describes the Tokyo Revengers Wiki's Behavior Policy that must be observed at all times. Note that non-compliance of these rules will warrant a block with an appropriate timeframe per our Blocking Policy.


  1. No disturbing content. These include NSFW, heavy gore, obscene talk, and the like.
  2. Be respectful. Do not make personal attacks against other users and real people related to the production of Tokyo Revengers. Examples include (but are not limited to) insults, threats, and profanity directed to another person.
  3. Categorize posts accordingly. Do not dump every post in General unless there is no specific category for it. Before posting, there is a drop down menu where you can select the proper category.
  4. No trolling. This is a Tokyo Revengers community that aims to provide a positive environment for those who wish to authentically discuss the manga and anime. Setting foot on the wiki to make frequent complaints or ongoing jokes to elicit ill-humored reactions are considered trolling and not allowed.
  5. No off-topic discussions. Do not treat the wiki as a personal blog and avoid discussing off-topic subjects in Discussions. If you wish to discuss topics other than Tokyo Revengers, take it to another platform.
  6. No advertising. The wiki intends to only promote things concerning Tokyo Revengers. Any form of advertisement that does not concern the manga or anime series will be deleted.
  7. No unofficial links. Do not link unofficial translations of the latest chapters and/or episodes. Only promote the series' official sites.
  8. No sock puppetry or impersonation. Moreover, do not create multiple accounts to evade your block. Evasion of a block and impersonation of another user or Administrator will warrant an indefinite ban on the wiki.
  9. No necroposting. Necroposting is defined as the act of replying to old threads that have been long finished. Unnecessary replies to discussion posts and blogposts that are more than two (2) months old will warrant a warning.


  1. No vandalism. Examples include (but are not limited to) adding gibberish and falsehoods, removing all content by blanking the page, and adding content that is not written in the English language.
    • Note that this is the English Tokyo Revengers Wiki. For our wiki's translation projects, visit our main page.
  2. No plagiarism. All contributed content must be original and given proper credits. Non-compliance of this rule will result in a warning.
  3. No edit warring. An edit war occurs when back-and-forth editing is done between two or more users because they disagree with each other’s contributions. Edit warring is not allowed across all wikis and must not be observed in this community either. When an Administrator reverts an edit, do not undo it. If you wish for the admin to further clarify on the revert, kindly contact them on their Message Wall.
  4. No edit farming. Excessive unnecessary revisions on a single page on any of the available wiki namespaces is part of what is considered as edit farming. If the mass revisions are not deemed necessary and, in some cases, merely part of a modus to increase a user’s edit count, a warning will be given.
    • It is advisable to always use the "Preview" feature to view revisions before saving.
  5. No off-topic contributions. Do not treat the wiki as a personal blog and avoid inserting off-topic information in articles. This is a fan encyclopedia intended to deliver information inherent to the series.
  6. Keep edit summaries clear and respectful. Adding edit summaries is optional but highly encouraged because they keep monitoring easier. In the event of edit wars, do not insult other contributors and/or Administrators through them. Write your summaries with good faith and decorum.

Additional notes

To ensure a safe environment for all users and visitors, all aforementioned rules also apply to user pages, Message Walls, blogposts, and talk pages.