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The Tokyo Revengers wiki primarily follows the assumption of good faith, so users won't get in trouble for minor, isolated mistakes and infractions. An Admin or content moderator is always encouraged to inform a user about what they did wrong and explain why without issuing an official warning.

However, if users persistently fail to follow the rules and policies of the Bungo Stray Dogs Wiki, official warnings should be issued, instructing them to stop their inappropriate behavior. If said users continue to violate the wiki's policies, blocks of increasingly lengthy durations are used in place of more warnings. This is just as a general guideline though, and Admins may choose to use longer or shorter blocks at any time depending on the circumstances.

Blocks will be extended if additional offenses are discovered after the user has been punished. At the same time, blocks may be shortened or even removed in case of accidents, misunderstandings or if the user is proven to be innocent or unfairly judged.

Certain offenses are considered more serious than others and may result in direct blocks, with no prior warning.

The wiki will be following a "3 chances rule" for handling wiki vandalism:
  • 1st time: the user will get a warning telling them what they did wrong and to refrain from making such edits in the future.
  • 2nd time: the user will receive another warning. They will also receive a block from the wiki ranging from weeks to months
  • 3rd time: at this time the user will be told that they've used up all of their chances, and they will be blocked for either a year or permanently.
  • When you are blocked, you will not be able to edit any pages, nor will you be able to upload any files to the wiki.

Edit Vandalism

  • Adding false or unconfirmed information to articles (This includes incorrect references, categories, etc.)
  • Adding your personal opinions to articles (Avoid using highly subjective expressions like "beautiful" or "hot" when describing anything. If that comes from an official source like another character or the author, make sure to point it out)
  • Adding nonsensical gibberish to articles
  • Edit warring with another user
  • Removing content from a page for no good reason (Major offense)
  • Erasing or messing up all or most of the contents from a page (Major offense)
  • Adding obscenities, slang terms, and euphemisms in articles, unless it's in context with an element from the work (Major offense)

Image Vandalism

  • Adding false information to image pages
  • Misusing images in articles (Ex: Inserting an image so big that it gets in the way of the article's text)
  • Uploading fan-art or anything not related to Bungo Stray Dogs Wiki (All our content must come from official sources)
  • Uploading '''.jpg''' images (We only accept the '''.png''' and '''.gif''' formats)
  • Uploading extremely low-quality images
  • Uploading images made by other people without permission
  • Uploading images with English-scanlated text, including the official Yen Press translation.
  • Uploading images with watermarks or subtitles.
  • Image warring with another user
  • Uploading duplicate images (It might confuse users)
  • Uploading collages or pictures together (Technically not official content)
  • Uploading NSFW content, such as pornography and shock images (Major offense)
  • Uploading images and not using them (Image might be deleted if not used after a certain period. If you don't plan on using an uploaded image, then you may request an Admin to delete it for you)
  • Uploading images and not naming them properly (It makes searching inconvenient for users)
  • Uploading images and not licensing them properly

Comment/Discussion/Talk Page Vandalism

  • Posting offensive messages to other users. This includes racism, sexism, homophobia or any form of hate speech (Major offense)
  • Being disrespectful in general (This includes using excessive explicit language, acting with hostility and insulting others) (Major offense)
  • Harassing other users (This includes stalking, bullying, bashing, etc) (Major offense)
  • Threatening other users (Major offense)
  • Inflammatory comments (Major offense)

Inappropriate Usernames

  • Inflammatory (Contains an offensive message)
  • Erotic (Contains lewd, NSFW content)
  • Profane (Contains very foul language)
  • Overly lengthy (Contains an obnoxious amount of characters. Try to keep it below 30 characters)
  • Spammish (Contains confusing or gibberish elements common to spam posts. Ex: "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" or "heafbviqehlbceqilcxqgeuo")
  • Used for impersonation or mockery of another user (If the username is a clear attempt to emulate another)