This is the Tokyo Revengers Wiki's Discussion Policy. It describes the guidelines and rules of our Discussion area.

Article Comments

When commenting on articles, please comment appropriately, this only includes theories, article correction comments, and admiration for the character. Comment vandalism includes:

  • Harassment/Offensive commentary. This includes "Go kill yourself!", "THIS SUCKS", "This is b***s***.
  • Obscene talk. This is an immediate block. No exceptions.
  • Trolling.
  • Spam comments/Repeated comments/Capslock comments like UGDSFJKADJJJJJJJ.
  • No sexual comments.
  • Spoilers that don't have definite proof yet'.
  • Ship-related comments. This is a wiki, not a social media platform.
  • Gibberish comments (comments that don't make any sense or sentences containing clear words)
  • Adding pictures

Message Wall Comments

  • Be respectful to the user.
  • Avoid conflict with other users.
  • If a user harasses you or uses offensive language, please notify the admins.
  • Message walls are solely for the purpose of inquiring or asking about BSD, edits, or the wiki.

Discussion Posts

  • Don't spam discussions.
  • Be mindful of your discussion posts.
  • Don't post offensive discussions.
  • Posts should be related to Bungo Stray Dogs only.
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