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This is the Tokyo Revengers Wiki's official Manual of Style for the purpose of keeping articles consistent in terms of writing and formatting. Note that this manual generally follows Wikipedia’s Manual of Style.


  1. Article topics and their corresponding information must be factual. This means that rumors, speculations, theories, or any fan-made media and information have no place on the Wiki and therefore shall not be added.
  2. Page creations must have a clear topic to stay on the Wiki. Any page that does not concern the Tokyo Revengers universe or has an extremely broad topic will be deleted.



Use a neutral point of view when writing. Any opinion or bias should be expressed on the forum, the Discord server, or on the respective Talk Page, not in the article itself.


Use an in-universe writing perspective. This means that phrases such as "In Chapter 40..." or "In the eighth episode..." must be left out in articles. These phrases are only welcome in certain sections like Trivia.


Character pages

  1. All character pages must be named using the character's official name and spelling. For characters with an alias, use the name that the character is more known for.
    • For example, Senju Kawaragi's page is named as such because her professional surname "Kawaragi" is more known than "Akashi". Her real name and other aliases are merely differentiated in her introduction and infobox.
  2. When linking character pages in articles, link the page with the character's full given name first. Only do this once. Succeeding mentions of a character must use the character's nickname and must NOT be linked to their page.
    • Take the following excerpt as an example:
The [[Tokyo Manji Gang]] was founded on June 19, 2003, two weeks after [[Manjiro Sano]] took on [[Kazutora Hanemiya]]'s childhood friend and his accomplices alone. Mikey won against them as an effort to protect Kazutora from harm, then invited him into Toman.
In the excerpt found above, Manjiro Sano, Kazutora Hanemiya, and the Tokyo Manji Gang pages were linked ONCE using their full official names before using their nicknames without links ("Mikey," "Kazutora," "Toman") in succeeding mentions.
In some cases, there is a need to mention the character's nickname or alias right after the link for identification. For example, Haruki Hayashida is best recognized as "Pah-chin," so there may be instances where the first linking is in the form: [[Haruki Hayashida]] (Pah-chin).

Other pages

The Wiki prioritizes and follows the Japanese names provided by Kodansha Ltd. Other official names and spellings must be identified in the infobox.

  • Note that the name of the gang Black Dragon is translated as such in Japanese, while the official English translation spells it as "Black Dragons". Both names are canon and correct, but the Japanese name was prioritized for page naming.


  1. Use American spelling. Kodansha Comics, Crunchyroll, (Tokyo Revengers' official English translators) and FANDOM are all American companies, so the Wiki uses American English as its official language.
    • Use words like "afterward," "forward," "toward," "anyway," "gray," instead of "afterwards," "forwards," "towards," "anyways," and "grey." The latter set of words are more common in British and Canadian spellings while the former are more common in American English. The Wiki will follow the former.
  2. Keep all verb tenses consistent.
    • All summaries must be written in the present tense.
    • History sections of character pages must be written in past tense.
    • If the content of a portion of a chapter or episode is a flashback to a previous story point, it must also be written in past tense.
  3. No usage of profanity unless necessary. Profanity will only be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Chapter and episode titles and any other official name are excluded from this rule, like Chapter 79.


  1. Use serial comma.
  2. Use "straight" quotes, not “curly.” The same rule applies for single quotes or apostrophes: 'straight', not ‘curly.’ Quotation marks and apostrophes in imported material should only be changed if necessary.
  3. Use the "logical quotation" style. Include terminal punctuation within the quotation marks only if it was present in the original material. Otherwise, place it after the closing quotation mark.
  4. The titles of the manga series and its anime adaptation should always be in italics, e.g. Tokyo Revengers. Chapter and episode titles should be in quotes, e.g. "Reborn".
  5. Dates are written in "month day, year" format. Use cardinal numbers. For single digit numbers, do not add a 0 before it.
    • For cardinal numbers: write "May 10, 2017," not "May 10th, 2017.”
    • For single digit numbers: write "February 5, 2022," not "February 05, 2022."


  1. Headers must be in the form == Header ==, not in the form ==Header==.
  2. Links like [[Manjiro Sano|Mikey]] are preferred over links with redirects like [[Mikey]].
  3. For links that are possessive, put the "'s" outside the link.
    • For example, use [[Manjiro Sano]]'s instead of [[Manjiro Sano|Manjiro Sano's]].
  4. When linking pages on the Wiki, internal links must be used over external links. Internal links allow you to simply put the intended article's name in double brackets.
    • For example, [[Hinata Tachibana]] creates a link to the Hinata Tachibana page without using an external link that reads like [ Hinata Tachibana]. External links need only be used for external sites.
      • To aid in easier linking, use the {{W}} template when linking an item to a Wikipedia page.
  5. All templates must always be put in new lines, unless they are specifically intended to be in the same line. For instance, use:
| Option 1 = Data
| Option 2 = Data
And not:
| Option 1 = Data
| Option 2 = Data}}


  1. Paragraphs must be brief and straight to the point, preferably no more than 10 lines and ideally with at least one reference at the end and an illustrative image every few paragraphs. (See Images and References below.)
  2. Do not reveal the details of a deceased character's death in their introduction. Such details cannot be considered introductory information. Revealing their death in the introduction is also irrelevant for their status is already stated as such in their infobox and can be easily identified by the narrative style in past tense.


Images are used to enhance the appearance and quality of articles on the Wiki. Therefore, all images must follow a format for the purpose of uniformity.

  • When inputting images in articles, they must always be 220px in size.
  • Images in an article must alternate positions. If Image A is right-aligned, then Image B must be left-aligned. Consequently, Image C would be right-aligned, Image D left-aligned, and so on and so forth.
  • Always add appropriate captions. The image caption is usually the image’s file name.

For more information regarding file naming, usage, and uploads, see our Image Policy.


References are used to justify and prove information. Hence, adding citations to one’s contributions is very essential. References may either come from manga chapters, anime episodes, or credible external links. For the proper citation of references, see {{Ref}}.