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The Toman Arc (トーマン編,, Toman-hen?) is the first story arc of the Tokyo卍Revengers manga.


Takemichi Hanagaki is living as a worthless part-timer when suddenly he hears that his middle school girlfriend Hinata Tachibana died due to a dispute involving the Tokyo Manji Gang. One day, while going home, he is pushed by someone onto the train tracks and finds himself twelve years in the past.


Initial Time-Leap

Takemichi watches the news

While watching television, Takemichi learns that his middle-school girlfriend, Hina has been killed in a Tokyo Manji Gang conflict alongside her brother Naoto. After a miserable day, Takemichi reflects on his life while waiting at a train station; he attributes his circumstances, from his living space, job, and virginity, to his cowardice and apologetic attitude. Suddenly, someone pushes him onto the train tracks. As he stares at the incoming train, he thinks of Hina and his second year of middle school, which he regards as his life's peak.

Takemichi about to get hit by a train

After a bright flash of light, Takemichi finds himself on a train arriving in Shibuya, surrounded by his middle school friends Makoto, Yamagishi, Akkun, and Takuya. They tell Takemichi to leave the train with them, commenting on his strange behavior. As Takemichi reacts to his lame appearance, he looks at his phone and finds that it is July 4th, 2005, exactly twelve years ago. His friends discuss their plans to fight Shibuya Third Middle School's second years; Makoto mentions that Takemichi's cousin Masaru is the school's leader, should the third years give them any trouble.


As they walk around the school searching for the second-years, Takemichi starts to recall the events that occurred. Amid his thoughts, a group of third-years led by Kiyomasa appears. Kiyomasa reveals that the second-years are on a school trip. When Yamagishi mentions Masaru's name, the group laughs, calling on Masaru to buy them drinks. As Masaru leaves, Takemichi remembers that Masaru lied about being a leader to show off; instead, he was merely an errand boy. After being brutally beaten up by Kiyomasa and his gang, Takemichi and his friends are now soldiers of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Takemichi cries after seeing Hina

Walking home with his defeated friends, Takemichi suddenly remembers Hina and runs to her apartment, as he struggles to remember how she looked. As Hina scolds him for fighting, Takemichi tears up upon seeing her. He is reminded of his feelings for her. He arrives at a nearby park to reflect but is interrupted by a group of bullies accosting a boy.

Naoto is told about the future

Enraged at them for ruining his moment, he scares away the bullies; as he and the boy talk, Takemichi finds out that the boy is Naoto Tachibana, Hina's younger brother. Takemichi confesses his love for Hina, then tells Naoto that he will die alongside his sister in twelve years. He tells Naoto to remember the date, asking him to promise to protect his sister. Naoto and Takemichi shake hands on the agreement.

Takemichi meets adult Naoto

Takemichi awakes in the train station's medical center, back in the present. An employee informs him that a certain individual saved him, who turns out to be a grown-up Naoto. After introducing himself, Naoto tells Takemichi that he changed the future through a time leap. After his encounter with Takemichi, Naoto studied hard to protect his sister, becoming a police detective. However, Naoto's efforts were for naught as Hina still died. He asks Takemichi to work with him to save Hina.

King vs. Slave Fight

Naoto shares his information about Tokyo Manji Gang

After Takemichi agrees to help Naoto save Hina, he spends two days absorbing a copious amount of information about the Tokyo Manji Gang. Naoto confirms the gang's dangerousness, as his predecessor obtained the information at the brutal cost of his life. Because Takemichi's time-leaping powers are limited to exactly twelve years, Naoto says Takemichi's mission is to prevent the meeting of the current Tokyo Manji Gang's top two: Manjiro Sano and Tetta Kisaki, as the current gang that killed Hina would not exist. He speculates that the time-leaping trigger is a handshake.

Takemichi goes back to the past in a middle of a fight

After they shake hands, Takemichi finds himself facing another boy in a fight, surrounded by spectators. Shocked, Takemichi checks his phone and confirms that he has time-leaped twelve years back: it is now July 6, 2005. While he is distracted, Takemichi's opponent punches him, knocking him out. Coming to, Takemichi finds Kiyomasa's gang around him. As punishment for his weak performance, one of Kiyomasa's underlings beats Takemichi. Amid his beating, Takemichi recalls that his abuse at Kiyomasa's hands caused him to run away from his circumstances, leading to his pathetic current life.

Kiyomasa hits Takemichi for mentioning Sano's name

After dealing Takemichi his punishment, Kiyomasa and his underlings begin to leave. However, Takemichi calls after them, requesting to meet either of the gang's leaders, Sano or Kisaki. Angered by his request, Kiyomasa brutally beats Takemichi with a bat and tells him not to say Sano's name again, or he will be killed. Terrified, Takemichi concludes that his mission is impossible and dangerous. He arrives at the Tachibana household to return to the present; as he waits outside, he wonders if he is running away again.

Hina sees Takemichi at front of her house

Just then, Hina arrives at her door. Noticing Takemichi's wounds, she scolds him again for fighting, noting that his injuries are more severe. She remarks on the foolishness of boys fighting, swearing to protect Takemichi if she was a boy. Takemichi pledges to do the same; after their conversation, Takemichi leaves with his resolve renewed.

The next day, Takemichi and his friends meet in the bathroom to discuss the day's fight. Takuya, who is a frail and weak fighter, will fight today. Although they are willing to fight in Takuya's place, Kiyomasa will likely disregard them. Takemichi is impressed as he realizes the devotion and care of his friends.

Takemichi challenges Kiyomasa

The crowd eagerly awaits the fight, with the odds against Takuya. Just as Kiyomasa starts the fight, Takemichi interrupts. He says that it is boring seeing the same fights every day and suggests a more entertaining format, a king versus his slave. Walking up to Kiyomasa, Takemichi asks to fight him. He comes to the realization that he cannot save Hina in his status as a slave.

Takemichi not giving up

Kiyomasa agrees to fight Takemichi, but Takemichi soon realizes their difference in power after Kiyomasa's first hit. While Kiyomasa continues his assaults, Takemichi refuses to accept his loss, even at the urging of his concerned friends. Eventually, the crowd falls silent, shocked by Takemichi's resolve. Takemichi declares that he must change himself for the better and stop running away from adversity. He tells Kiyomasa that the only way he will lose is if he is killed. Furious, Kiyomasa shouts for his bat, promising to do so. Upon this announcement, the crowd falters, remarking on the unfairness of the fight.

Draken kicks Kiyomasa

Suddenly, Tokyo Manji Gang's vice commander, Ken Ryuguji, also known as Draken, interrupts the fight. Behind him, an eccentric boy follows. He turns out to be Tokyo Manji Gang's commander, Manjiro Sano, also known as Mikey, as everyone present quickly bows, greeting him. Ignoring the rest of the delinquents, the two gang heads walk towards Kiyomasa and Takemichi. As Kiyomasa bow, Draken kicks him in the stomach, remarking on his arrogance.

Mikey tells Takemichi he is now his friend

Approaching Takemichi, Mikey asks if he is really a middle-schooler. Mikey then asks Takemichi's name. When he responds, Mikey pronounces his name as "Takemitchy", and declares them as friends. Turning to Kiyomasa, Mikey asks if he is the one organizing the fight club. After Kiyomasa responds affirmatively, Mikey kicks him with a smile before knocking him out with a punch. As the crowd watches in shock, Mikey and Draken prepare to leave; Draken tells them not to bring Toman's reputation down. Smiling at Takemichi, Mikey promises to meet again.

Mikey's Dream

After Takemichi's encounter with Mikey, his friends, especially Yamagishi and Makoto, celebrate their liberation from Kiyomasa. However, after processing the events, Takemichi fears the treatment he may have at Mikey's hands. As Takemichi watches his friends joke, Akkun comes up behind him and reveals he had intended to attack Kiyomasa with a weapon. Turning to Takemichi, Akkun thanks and compliments a bashful Takemichi for freeing them. Takemichi joins the rest of his friends in their horseplay.

The next day, Takemichi laments the earliness of school as he makes his commute. Behind him, Hina greets Takemichi, praising him for his prompt arrival to school. She mentions she has cram school but suggests they go on a date beforehand, adding that she wished they were in the same class. Blushing, Takemichi decides that he likes school.

In class, Takemichi reflects on his mission. He already met Mikey, one of Toman's present top two, but is unsure how to proceed. Suddenly, his classroom door opens, revealing Mikey and Draken, who invite him to come with them. When Takemichi emerges from the classroom, he is horrified to find his school's third-years beaten to near unconsciousness. Draken reveals he single-handedly defeated them; he then orders the third-years to lay on the floor, face down. He and Mikey proceed to walk atop the students while discussing rival gang conflicts. Terrified, Takemichi concludes that violence is an inherent quality in these gang members. Although he is still fearful, Takemichi realizes that spending time with Toman's leaders would help him in his mission.

Hearing the commotion from Yamagishi and Makoto, Hina strides towards the three boys and slaps Mikey across his face. Pulling Takemichi along, Hina says that true friends would not treat him that way, insisting she will protect him; Takemichi notices her hand shaking, as she is just as terrified as he. Angered by her assault, Draken stops Hina and threatens her. However, Takemichi, remembering his promise to save Hina, orders Draken to let go of her. When prompted by Draken, Takemichi renews his resolve to protect Hina. Mikey then laments that he thought they could be friends. Turning to Takemichi, Mikey asks him how he wants to die. However, Takemichi requests he leave Hina unharmed. Before he swings at Takemichi, Mikey dismisses this request. Takemichi flinches, but opens his eyes in surprise when he finds Mikey smiling. Teasing him, Mikey says that he would never hit a girl. Draken tells Takemichi his protection of Hina was honorable. Realizing they have no ill intent, Hina ends up apologizing profusely. Though Mikey is impressed by Hina's slap and intentions, he tells her not to overdo herself, especially in dangerous situations. Hina agrees and leaves Takemichi with Mikey and Draken, promising to go on their date another time. As Hina leaves, Mikey tells Takemichi to treat her well.

As he rides a bike with Mikey and Draken, Takemichi thinks back to Naoto's intel on Toman. He finds it difficult to believe that someone like Mikey would become present Toman's ruthless leader. Turning to Mikey, Takemichi asks why he wanted to be friends. Mikey reveals that he had an older brother who was reckless in challenging others; Takemichi reminds him of his brother, albeit not as cool.

Overlooking the city, Mikey ponders the decline of delinquents. He and Draken state their admiration of delinquents, and Mikey declares his goal of creating a new age. He tells Takemichi that he wants him to join him. Draken adds that Takemichi's determination is a rare trait to find. As the duo leaves, Draken asks Takemichi to consider their offer.

Walking home, Takemichi reflects on the disparity between Mikey in the past and present. He realizes Mikey is not a bad individual and wonders what changed that would cause him to crash a truck into a festival and target Hina. Still thinking, Takemichi unwittingly passes by Kisaki. Turning back, he finds something familiar about him.

Return to the Present

Toman's Meeting about Moebius



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