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Udagawa Christian Church (宇田川キリスト教会, Udagawa Kirisutokyō-kai?) is a chapel located in Shibuya.[1] It served as the main setting of the Christmas Conflict.[2][1]


The Udagawa Church has an outdated structure with brick cemented walls, glass radius window panes, and countless archways in its exterior. It is located in a busy neighborhood where it is surrounded by modernized corporate buildings, and sits atop an elevated platform with a grand staircase at its entrance that links the terrace to level ground. Attached to its main tower is a steeple with a weather vane. Its interior retains the arch blueprint and houses a myriad of pews. Even after many years of service, Udagawa Church preserves its design and location, at least as of January 2018.[3]


Black Dragon Arc

Main Article: Christmas Conflict

Takemichi tells Hakkai that his actions will make Yuzuha upset

Having teamed up with Tetta Kisaki to prevent Hakkai Shiba from killing his older brother, Tokyo Manji Gang First Division Captains Takemichi Hanagaki and Chifuyu Matsuno embark on a mission with their rivals to Udagawa Christian Church on Christmas day, in the year 2005.[4] They commence their plan as soon as they arrive: Takemichi sneaks inside the church to abolish Hakkai's scheme while Chifuyu, Kisaki, and Shuji Hanma distract Taiju from entering the building.[5] However, Kisaki and Hanma doublecross the team and let the situation play out right into Kisaki's plans.[6]

The battle ends upon Manjiro Sano's arrival. He wins against Taiju one-on-one while Ken Ryuguji defeats the 10th Generation Black Dragon alone.[7] Toman wins the Christmas Conflict, causing Black Dragon to be affiliated with the gang soon after.[8] Moreover, the Shiba family rivalry is solved.[9]

Tenjiku Arc

Takemichi requests information from Taiju

Takemichi promises Naoto Tachibana to investigate on his own upon returning to the past to seek information about the new Yokohama gang Tenjiku. He visits the chapel as he recalls Seishu Inui and Hajime Kokonoi, two of the key figures in this time leap, who are concurrently top admins in the Tokyo Manji Gang.[10] As Takemichi arrives the chapel, he reminisces the battle on Christmas day twelve years ago, when he successfully rescued Taiju's life. However, he has a melt down as he recounts the consequences of the battle, where all Toman admins were killed by Mikey.[11] As Takemichi curses to himself, he is silenced by Taiju, who coincidentally happens to be there, praying for his late younger brother Hakkai. Takemichi requests to speak with him regarding Izana Kurokawa and his affiliation with Black Dragon, and together, they set off to Taiju's restaurant.[12]



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