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Umishita Park (海下公園,, Umi-ka Kōen?) is a park located in Tokyo. It is where Takemichi Hanagaki broke up with Hinata Tachibana in 2005[1] and the venue of Hina's repeated demise after Takemichi's eighth time leap.[2]


Umishita Park is situated beside a dock, off the main road providing a view of the Tokyo skyline near the horizon. It has a parking lot outside its perimeter.


Moebius Arc

Takemichi encounters Hanma who laments over his absence in the car

Takemichi Hanagaki returns to the present after the Tokyo Manji Gang's victory against Moebius in Battle of 8/3.[3] After meeting with Naoto Tachibana and his older sister Hina, who Takemichi rejoices over for finally being alive in the present, he and Hina roam around Umishita Park to hark back to their history with each other. Hina expresses her sorrow about being broken up in the same location twelve years ago, on Christmas Eve, and reveals that she is talking about Takemichi.[4] Takemichi, who has always known that Hina broke up with him in the initial timeline, is panic-stricken and excuses himself to the restroom. Alone, he reflects on Hina's revelation and concludes that he will restore their relationship and start anew. However, he soon comes across Shuji Hanma, who is displeased at Takemichi's absence in the vehicle with Hina.[5]

Deducing that Toman is currently present in the area, Takemichi runs to the parking lot where Hina waits patiently in Naoto's car. As he arrives, he watches a truck ram itself onto Naoto's vehicle and crush the automobile against the wall.[6] Takemichi comes to Hina's rescue, but finds out that Atsushi Sendo, heavily wounded and at the brink of death inside the truck, is once again the initiator of Hina's demise as ordered by Tetta Kisaki. Takemichi observes Akkun repeat the monologue he once uttered in the oriignal timeline,[7] then finds Hina paralyzed waist down and cannot walk. With no other choice, Takemichi reconciles his feelings for her but gets pushed away by Hina to rescue him from the explosion.[8] As the cars are set aflame, Takemichi firmly promises to become the new Toman leader to save Hina from an unfavorable future.[9]

Black Dragon Arc

Hina punches Takemichi

Seeing each other after school, Takemichi and Hina promise to meet at Umishita Park on Christmas Eve.[10] On the night before Christmas, Hina arrives at the park. She is benumbed as Takemichi breaks up with her, explaining that he has found someone new, and releases her anger toward him by knocking him out.[11] As she leaves, Takemichi contemplates on his actions and regrets it. However, he convinces himself that the break up was necessary to prevent her from getting involved in gang-related matters surrounding her recurring demise in the present. Remembering Hina's death at Umishita in twelve years, Takemichi sobs and wallows in despair.[12]

Tenjiku Arc

Main Article: Takemichi Hanagaki vs. Tetta Kisaki

Kisaki points the gun at Takemichi

A chase begins between Takemichi and Kisaki after the conclusion of the Toman-Tenjiku battle in Yokohama Bay.[13] As Ken Ryuguji deals with Hanma, Takemichi escapes and follows Kisaki to Umishita's parking lot, where Hina dies in the present.[14] He confronts Kisaki about his obsession with repeatedly killing Hina and taking over Toman, then foresees a future where a grown Hina rejects Kisaki's proposal. Kisaki becomes furious as Takemichi discovers his romantic feelings for Hina and prepares to shoot him.[15] However, Takemichi swats the gun away and aims it at him. Before he gets to fire, Hina and Manjiro Sano arrive, compelling Takemichi to drop the gun and Kisaki to run away from the parking lot.[16]


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