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Valhalla ( 芭流覇羅 (バルハラ) , Baruhara?) was a gang known as "'The Headless Angel". [3]


Formed as a part of Tetta Kisaki's plan to take over the criminal underworld, Valhalla was formed to have Manjiro Sano as its head. Kisaki believed that Valhalla was the perfect gang for Mikey to lead, as its cruel nature would change Mikey, making him more susceptible to manipulate. Indeed, in the timeline where Valhalla won Bloody Halloween, Mikey became the head of the gang, made a new Tokyo Manji Gang out of it, and conquered the criminal underworld with Kisaki as the true mastermind.


The group consists of former Moebius members, under Hanma, and the anti-Toman force, under Kazutora, who were also people Kazutora met in juvie.


Valhalla's uniform is a white MA-1 bomber jacket with the words "Team Walhalla" and the image of a headless angel on the back. A red ribbon tag with the word "Walhalla" is also present on its left arm, where it is attached to the zipper of the pocket on the upper arm.

Known Members

Acting Leader (Number 2)
Intended Leader

Alternate Timeline


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