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Valhalla ( 芭流覇羅 (バルハラ) , Baruhara?), often stylized as "WALHALLA"[2][3] and occasionally called the "The Headless Angel",[4] was a motorbike gang anonymously formed by Tetta Kisaki to make way for his promotion as Manjiro Sano's second-in-command in the Tokyo Manji Gang. Alongside this goal was to make Mikey the leader of Valhalla, which would fortify the gang's foundation and turn Toman into a powerful criminal organization.

At its helm was Shuji Hanma, who served as Valhalla's acting leader to counterbalance Kisaki's absence from the gang. Hanma led the gang until its disbandment and allegiance to Toman in the aftermath of Bloody Halloween.



Valhalla's uniform is a white MA-1 bomber jacket with the words "TEAM WALHALLA" and the image of a headless angel on the back. A red ribbon tag with the word "WALHALLA" is also present on its left arm, where it is attached to the zipper of the pocket on the upper arm.


Valhalla's logo was a headless angel and below it there was gang's name written in kanji.


Formed as part of Tetta Kisaki's plan to take over the criminal underworld, Valhalla intended to have Manjiro Sano as its head. Kisaki believed that Valhalla was the perfect gang for Mikey to lead as its cruel nature would change him and make him more susceptible to manipulate. This end was met in the timeline where Valhalla won Bloody Halloween, making Mikey the head of the gang and reforming the Tokyo Manji Gang as a criminal organization. Valhalla, under the name of Toman, then conquered the criminal underworld with Kisaki as Mikey's right-hand.


Valhalla consisted of former Moebius members, under Shuji Hanma, and the anti-Toman force, under Kazutora Hanemiya, who were also inmates Kazutora met in a detention center.



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Image Battle Result
Bloody Halloween (Manga).png Bloody Halloween Valhalla was defeated.


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