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If I cared enough, this guy wouldn't be standing alive.
— Wakasa threatens Kakucho[1]

Wakasa Imaushi ( (いま) (うし) (わか) () , Imaushi Wakasa?), or Waka (ワカ?), is a founding member and the former Special Attack Unit Captain of Black Dragon. He is currently an executive in Brahman.


Wakasa is a man of average height in his mid 20s with slight feminine features. He wears a customized ornate version of the Brahman uniform with flowers and butterflies embroidered on the sleeves. Underneath the oversized hoodie, he wears a large white crew neck shirt and a pair of sandals for footwear. His hair is fashioned in a striped pattern dyed in the colors of purple and blond and is often tied in a ponytail with a loose strand of each color cascading the sides of his face. He has droopy lilac eyes and a lollipop stick in between his downturned lips, both of which contribute to his typical exhausted and laid-back look. His lashes are also particularly long and he wears a red drop earring on his left earlobe.

During his time in the First Generation Black Dragon, Wakasa had tousled light hair and donned the traditional uniform with his signature earring. When he was the president of Kodo Rengo, he wore the gang uniform in the color white.


Wakasa appears to be bored most of the time. He is unexcited by the prospect of fighting despite being highly confident in his abilities and bears an exhausted expression even in battle. He is also exceptionally reliable in commanding Brahman and has gained the trust of his subordinates over time.

Skills and Abilities


As an executive in Brahman, Wakasa has a huge influence and control over the gang. He was also displayed as a fearsome leader who commanded Kodo Rengo, a gang that was assembled through the unification of twelve smaller organizations in East Kanto, and a diligent captain of the Special Attack Unit during his time in Black Dragon. His former and current positions imply that he is well-respected in Tokyo's delinquent world, and have control over a few formidable gangs in the city.

Fighting Prowess

Wakasa was able to effortlessly sneak up to Kakucho Hitto, who is an overwhelmingly powerful fighter, unnoticed. His fighting style is an evasive and acrobatic one. He can easily execute high level maneuvers in battle as well as make it extremely hard to hit him. As one of Black Dragon's first captains, he is implied to be a legend in terms of fighting ability and reputation. Together, with Benkei, they were able to effortlessly defeat about 100 of Rokuhara Tandai's men.


Manga Appearances
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Three Deities Arc



  • The surname Imaushi means "now" () and "cow" ()
  • The name Wakasa means "beauty" () and "narrow" ()


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