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Yokohama (横浜, (ヨコハマ) , Yokohama?) is a city located in the south of Tokyo. It was formerly controlled by Tenjiku.[1]


Yokohama Bay

Tenjiku Arc

Main article: Kanto Incident

Izana beats up Tokyo's gang leaders

On the day of the fight against the Tokyo Manji Gang, Tenjiku arrives to Yokohama's seventh pier early. While Toman runs late to the fight, Tenjiku Boss Izana Kurokawa derides Tokyo's smaller gangs by beating their leaders one by one. After finishing them off, Kakucho tells him that Toman is not arriving in hopes of dropping the fight.[2] Tenjiku's top administration then discuss their ploys that successfully sabotaged Toman. Afterward, Yasuhiro Muto tells Izana to fulfill the long-lost goals of the S-62 Generation.[3]

While the admins mock Toman's strength without their leader Manjiro Sano, Tetta Kisaki tells them that Toman will show up nonetheless.[4] As such, the gang arrives with Takemichi Hanagaki in the lead.[5] The battle begins after Ryohei Hayashi (Peh-yan) defeats Shion Madarame in S-62's leading battle ritual.[6]

Yokohama City Hospital

Tenjiku Arc

A few days after the fight, Takemichi visits Kakucho at the hospital. Kakucho shows his remorse for being the only survivor, but Takemichi comforts him about it.[7] Takemichi admits that, despite the fight being over, he cannot stop shaking after witnessing Kisaki's death face-to-face.[8]


Name Description Appearance
Yokohama Bay Yokohama Bay is a bay located at the coast of Yokohama. Its seventh pier served as the main setting of the Kanto Incident.[9] Yokohama Bay.png
Yokohama City Hospital (横浜市立病院, Yokohama Shiritsu Byōin?) Yokohama City Hospital is the hospital where Kakucho was hospitalized after the Kanto Incident.[10] Yokohama City Hospital.png


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